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My Christian Poetry - by Carl Strohmeyer

My poems

Ship of My Dreams:

The ship of my dreams had golden oars,
In my childhood happy hours
It sailed twixt books of brightest green,
Past fields all filled with flowers.

I rowed and rowed this pretty ship
And sailed 'neath moon and stars,
I never tired of golden oars
Nor tired moaning bars.

I visioned a land of pure delight,
Where I would sail some day
O'er waters rippling with the breeze,
Where I'd paddle gently away.

I'd leave all care and worry behind,
And I'd return no more
'Till my ship grew old and my heart grew cold
As I reached the ever-green shore.

Where is God;

God is Love, God is Judgment, God forgives.
God speaks through his believers
When I see nothing but my failure and abandonment,
I know it is only I to blame.

God does forgive, but as with David, he does not forget.
Try as I may to not be a failure, only God determines this.
His people will show me this.


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