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How to Coach Your Clients to Happy Careers - by Kim Knight

They get the feeling that they have exhausted a certain chapter in their life and their heart is just no longer in it. This can be a very frightening experience because very often individuals have groomed themselves for a lifelong career, not ever considering that they may want to change one day.

We all change as we grow and get older. What once kept us happy and satisfied does not always keep us happy and that is quite normal and healthy. This should of course change over time. When we become dissatisfied, it is a cue that it is time for a new approach to our careers. I feel that any life that is worth living is about change and growth. It is very sad to see people staying in the jobs year after year because they are afraid to move, or do not know how to take the first step to new happiness and personal fulfillment.

Individuals and clients who find themselves in this position are often stuck in “survival” mode. They want to change but there are many concerns such as age, finances, skills, qualifications and family or other responsibilities that stop them. A major concern may also surround the issues about what career they would or could change to. Clients know that they are tired of what they have been doing. Many may have landed up in their career as a result of outside pressures and expectations. When this happens they often have no idea of what it is that they really do want to do. As a result they feel stuck, and do not know in which direction to turn. But as a coach you can walk side by side with your clients and help them embrace a career change. You can support them in discovering what it is that they want to do and how to get to that point.

Powerful questions can provide the career direction individuals are looking for. Questions such as: What would your ideal career be, if you could do anything? What did you love as a child, but have forgotten about? If you won the lottery what would you do? Focus on that one powerful question for your client and you could very possibly help them change their life.

I am Kim Knight, a passionate, dedicated and successful weight loss and personal life coach. My aim and agenda is to support my clients get unstuck and live the lives they really want. You can read more about my story, my purpose and journey at: http://www.bestweightlosscoach.ws and http://www.kimknightcoaching.comhttp://www.kimknightcoaching.com You can also read more about asking yourself the right questions to guide you to the best answers for living a successful life at http://www.kimknightcoaching.com/life-coach.php/7/115



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