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Weight Loss - 10 Easy Start Up Strategies - by Kim Knight

Have you had enough of endless dieting, restrictive food plans, and an over-discipline based lifestyle? Is your self-esteem at an all time low? Are you ready to overcome the obstacles that have stood in your way up until now?

Can you identify with any of these statements?

You've said you want to but you can't seem to make lasting changes. You've lost weight only to see it come leaping right back, time and again. You don't know why you can't stick to a diet You can’t understand why you keep on eating; you just don’t seem to be able to help it. You eat a healthy diet but still can't lose weight.

In other words you have tried everything, but nothing seems to work. Do not give up - there are strategies, that when put in place will help and support you on your journey. You can be and look like everything you have dreamed of. I used my own coaching program and developed other various techniques which enabled me to permanently lose 44 pounds. I am now living life in the body I envisioned and have been doing so for numerous years - it is possible!

Here are my 10 Start Up Strategies for losing weight:

1. Buy a journal. 2. Weigh yourself and write it down. 3. Write down your goal weight. 4. Calculate the amount of weight you need to lose in kilograms and pounds. 5. Set a goal date. 6. Count the number of weeks it will take to reach your goal. 7. Calculate how much you need to lose each week to reach your goal weight by your goal date. 8. Check to see if it is realistic, if not re-adjust. 9. Choose a diet or eating plan that suits your lifestyle and that you WANT to follow. 10. Decide on an exercise routine - be realistic, but be sure to stretch yourself.

Last, but not least - start right NOW. Decide to live only your best life from this moment on.



I am Kim knight, a dedicated and passionate weight loss coach. Read my story and more about me at www.bestweightlosscoach.ws and www.kimknightcoaching.com

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