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Inside Every Fat Person ... - by Kim Knight

 I know that inside of every single fat person is the naturally slim being that existed before our thinking became distorted by the media, social pressures, family problems, neuroses, unforeseen disasters and then ups and downs of life. To reach that thin person, I believe that we have to start living from inside of ourselves. We have to reach the thin mind inside despite what the outward appearances suggest – that we are fat – and start from there. This is a different perspective from the dieting concept mainly in that it treats the causes of overeating.

By understanding the reasons for over or under eating, we can begin to address that which is really disempowering us. To do so may require a lot of honesty and courage. Some feel it may be too much to handle, so we continue along the dieter’s path as a form of procrastination rather than face the truth.

Many of us continue to hide from ourselves for fear of the unknown, so we continue for weeks, months and years locked inside our bodies and inside our minds. We go on pretending to ourselves, family and friends that we are okay, that despite our extra pounds and health issues we are jovial and happy-go-lucky people. Does any of this sound familiar?

I know because I have lived every dieter’s emotional nightmare that exists. Each time we pretend that it does not matter we kill something inside of us. That something is self-belief, self-trust, self-love and self-respect. As we continue down this path the person we once were becomes a very distant memory and we give up of ever losing weight and getting back to ourselves. I know that feeling and have been there more than once. But, if you are willing and if you can draw on even the tiniest bit of courage you can change your life and who you are. You can recreate yourself, your thinking and your life.

Weight loss, like any other area of ones life be it career, relationships, finances etc. can be improved and empowering with the use of very effective tools, strategies and perspectives. We hear of these tools being applied in the work place, the classroom, and in counselling offices of all kinds, but they too apply for weight loss. Why should it be any different?

By understanding the reasons for over or under eating, we can begin to address that which is really disempowering us. With these insights which take courage and honesty, we can then develop tools, strategies, perspectives and action plans to end the weight loss rollercoaster. With willingness, understanding, information and guidance, we can change any area of our lives we want to. We can be  the very people we secretly dream of if we truly want it. The solution to losing weight lies in each and every one of us and not in some new fad diet or pill.

I am Kim knight, a dedicated and passionate weight loss coach. Read my story and more about me at www.bestweightlosscoach.ws and www.kimknightcoaching.com

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