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Physical Sciences: Revisiting And Reviewing My Worldview - by John Prytz

Every now and again I find it useful to outline thevarious bits and pieces that are part and parcel of my overall worldview, atleast as far as physics, cosmology and overall the nature of reality isconcerned. Here's my latest offering.




Causality isabsolute. For every effect(s) there is a cause(s) which preceded it. Each andevery cause is in itself an effect that was caused by an even more previouscause and so on and on and on causality goes.


The upshot of all that is that absolute causality impliesthat the Cosmos is a Deterministic Cosmos. Our Universe is indeeda Clockwork Universe. The question remains however whether or not theappearance of life (i.e. - Free Will) stuffs up those deterministicworks.


Which in turn leads to the question whether or not Consciousnessand at least a limited form of Free Will (just one that is EITHER thisOR that) resides in the inanimate as well as in the animate bits and pieces ofthe Cosmos. This Universal Consciousness, known also as Panpsychism,does go a long way to explaining quantum mechanics, IMHO.


Following on from the concept of absolute causality,since the Big Bang event was an effect, it follows that it must have hada cause(s) that preceded it. Therefore, there was a BEFORE the Big Bang.


The Big Bang event was akin to a phase transition,but it's unknown if that transition was like ice to water to ice, or more akinto 'lead' to a cosmic-quark-and-electron-soup to 'gold'. In other words, is ourUniverse akin to the universe which preceded it?


The Universal Constants of nature (including thoselaws, principles and relationships of physics) might not be - constant that it.But if there has been change over those cosmic eons, then it has been adeterministic one.


There is both Something and Nothing inorder to allow for motion to occur. If everything were a something there wouldbe no empty space for motion to happen into.


Conservation of matter / energy (electric charge; momentum) is absolute. Whatever is onthe left side of the equation will equal whatever is on the right side of theequation.


Following on from that, it is impossible, even in theory,for there to be any Creation of an Absolute Something from an AbsoluteNothing. The upshot of that is that matter/energy has always existed andthus the cosmos had no origin; no creation and thus is infinitely old. 


That nix on something from nothing also rules out DarkEnergy as a viable concept and hence the Universe is not accelerating itsexpansion rate. There must be another explanation.


As a variation on the impossibility of creating somethingfrom nothing theme, 'something' Non-Physical cannot create or interactwith something that is Physical. 


Space isNOT an active, dynamic, twisting, warping, curving, or rubber-like something.Space is just a mental concept - the imagined container real stuff (likeplanets, stars, galaxies, etc.) resides in. Things with structure and substancetravel THROUGH the void, emptiness, vacuum, nothingness that is space, not ONspace.


Time isNOT a something either. Time is another mental concept we assign rate or change(or motion) to. No motion means no change and therefore that would make orrender the concept of time meaningless.


Because Time and Space are purely mental constructs,there are no such things as actually really real Dimensions. Dimensionstoo are mental concepts that just help us navigate our way around the cosmos.Dimensions are cosmic geography; cosmic latitude and longitude.


Probability is another mental concept we assign to uncertainty. In reality there is noactual probability or uncertainty, even if reality places limitations on whatwe can observe. Something either IS or IS NOT.  


Motion isprobably the most fundamental property part and parcel of cosmic stuff.


Infinity asdefined by me is a practical definition as opposed to a mathematical orphilosophical definition. My Infinity means that no matter how far youcan travel through space and/or through time, you can always travel further.


Speaking of definitions, Cosmos is all that was,is or ever will be; Universe means our Universe; universe(s)means some other universe(s).


When it comes to the real nature of Reality, theredoes appear to be some degree of 'intelligent' design or fine-tuningincorporated into the laws, principles and relationships of physics. I rule outan all-omni supernatural Maximally Greatest Being; replacing same with aSupreme Computer Software Programmer who is anything but all-omni. In otherwords, the odds are high that we 'exist' as virtual beings in a simulatedlandscape, otherwise known as the Simulation Hypothesis.  




The Cosmos, all that was, is or ever will be, is theultimate closed system. Nothing gets in and nothing gets out. The contents arefixed.


Just because the Cosmos is infinite in duration doesn'tmean the matter / energy contents are also infinite. An infinite amount ofstuff in the Cosmos means everything is a something and therefore motion isn'tpossible.


So, the contents of the Cosmos are finite. Since theCosmos has infinite duration, which means that every possible configuration ofmatter / energy will happen sooner or later. Every possible configuration wouldtherefore also have to repeat, some configurations perhaps more than others;perhaps not.


The upshot is, whatever it is that you are doing, you'vedone it before - an infinite number of times before - and you'll do it aninfinite number of times in the infinite future.


The Cosmos, and even any universes contained within,might therefore not be cyclic in the traditional sense - Big Bang - Big Crunch- Big Bang - Big Crunch - Big Bang, etc. Rather it's an overall scenario ofwhat goes around comes around again, and again, and again. 


ANOMALIES (A Partial List!)


Black Holes. Reason: The force of Gravity inside the Black Hole's event horizonwould in itself prevent the Black Hole's gravity from 'escaping' andinfluencing the outside cosmic neighborhood. If the Standard Model of ParticlePhysics is correct, I fail to see how a Black Hole can exert gravity. The Graviton,the particle that carries and conveys the gravitational force, much like thephoton, couldn't escape from inside the Black Hole itself.


Quantum Mechanics. Reason: How does a photon 'know' whether to passthrough a pane of glass or reflect off of that pane of glass? How does anelementary particle 'know' if there is one or two slits open? How does anunstable nucleus 'know' when it is its turn to 'randomly' decay and thus upholdthat half-life relationship? Where does an electron go when it quantum jumpsbetween allowed energy states?


Transparency. Reason: Take a one millimeter thick layer of pure coal; of pure graphite;and of pure diamond. All are composed of just carbon atoms, yet just one (thediamond) is transparent, or at least translucent. Why is that?


Chemistry.Reason: The properties of table salt are remarkably different from that of its constituents(chlorine and sodium). Yet no extra magical ingredient has been added orsubtracted. 


Mathematical Equations. Reason: Why are coefficients nearly universally wholenumbers, usually just one but nearly always less than five (as in X, or 2X, or4X) as shown by Newton's second law of motion (F = ma)? Why are the exponentsnearly universally whole numbers, usually two (something squared) as in thePythagorean Theorem? As in the case of the Pythagorean Theorem, sometimes it'sboth. That also the case in Einstein's relationship between mass and energy oras in Newton's law of universal gravitation. Why are these equations sofundamental yet so simple that even a junior high school student should be ableto solve them? Surely Mother Nature didn't have to be this way. It's easy toenvision a vastly more complex set of relationships. Why hasn't that happened?Somewhere along the line 'design' seems to be involved.  




The Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. Reason: The creation of something from nothingtrillions of times over, every day in every way.


The Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. Reason: Reality is NOT observer dependent. There is noprobability. There is no superposition-of-state. There is no collapse of anywave-function. Schrodinger's Cat is EITHER dead OR alive, full stop.


Warped Space. Reason: Things appear to travel through space, not on space, and travelthrough space unhindered. If space is literally a something with structure andof substance, nobody has been able to place some on the slab in the lab foranalysis. You can't see or otherwise detect space even with advancedinstrumentation. If things ride on a dynamic, active, warped, twisting,flexible, rubber-like space which is the accepted state of affairs then thereshould be some sort of detectable interface between space and those things -like those galaxies riding piggy-back on the structure of space. There isn't.


Extra Dimensions. Reason: The concept of dimensionality is just a humaninvention that helps us navigate around. If 3-D has no reality, it has nostructure and substance, then any additional dimensions equally has no reality.Proponents of extra dimensions all too conveniently have them curled up and sototally microscopic that no one can see or detect them.


String Theory and Branes. Reason: Despite multi-decades of pontificating aboutString Theory, or Superstring Theory or M-Theory or Branes, all those thousandsof string theory physicists have yet to put one experimental verification onthe scoreboard.


Super-Symmetry. Reason: There's been no experimental verification of the existence ofsuper-symmetric partners to all the known Standard Model elementary particles.


Creation of Something from Nothing. Reason: No one, past or present, has ever createdsomething from nothing despite the financial incentives to do so. Further,there's not even a theoretical ways and means by which something can be createdfrom nothing.


Quantum-sized Big Bang Event. Reason: There is no possible way to squeeze thecontents of our Universe down to a size that could be considered within therealm of the micro or the quantum. Atoms might be mostly empty space but thereare an awful lot of atoms and it all adds up.


Dark Energy. Reason: Dark Energy is a violation of the conservation of matter/energy;it's an example of a cosmic free lunch; it's the ad hoc creation of somethingfrom nothing without adequate explanation or experimental verification. 


Accelerating Universe. Reason: Since the accelerating rate of the expandingUniverse is a result of Dark Energy, then similar objections apply. TheUniverse can no more accelerate than can a car accelerate uphill with thedriver's foot off of the gas pedal.


Theory of Everything (TOE) - Integration of QuantumMechanics with General Relativity (Gravity). Reason: Despite thousands upon thousands of the finest intellectson our planet, over many, many, many decades, a TOE has eluded all and sundry.It seems bleedingly obvious that there should be a total unification of all thelaws, principles and relationships that rule the cosmic roost. However, itshouldn't be that hard to come up with that ultimate unification, yetapparently it is just that hard. The answer might well be that there are justtwo separate and apart sets of software that run our cosmos, or perhaps thereare two different jigsaw puzzles that can't be merged. There's the QuantumMechanics high road software/puzzle and the General Relativity low roadsoftware/puzzle and never the twain shall meet. 




The best way to come to terms with the reality of life,the Universe and absolutely everything is to remove life from the picture,especially human life and especially the human mind. Life is not fundamentalnor an essential part of the cosmos. By eliminating life one eliminates all ofthe associated non-essentials that's associated with life, human life and thehuman mind. What is left over after you remove life, human life and the humanmind with all of its associated mental baggage from the cosmos is just pure cosmicfundamentals. The cosmos can then be scrutinized 100% objectively, warts andall. For example, in saying that in order to come to terms with reality oneneeds to eliminate the human mind from the reality equation, I'm thinking of atrivial case history whereby the human mind says that this sunset is beautiful.That's hogwash. That's not reality. A sunset just is - full stop. That'sreality.


Further, you eliminate language and definitions thatcause so much debate and confusion.  Youeliminate those mental concepts associated with life, human life and the humanmind like complexity, interesting, special, large, strange, purpose, beauty,elegance, orderliness, meaning, design, value, fate, destiny, bias (it can't betherefore it isn't), and even all things philosophical. You can eliminatemetaphysics and even mathematics which eliminates concepts like probability,symmetry, dimensionality, directionality, and logic. You even eliminate theconcept of time since does time actually independently exist if there are nolife forms present in the cosmos that can experience time?  

Science librarian; retired.

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