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Your Creator 'God' Is Your Future Descendent - In A Manner Of Speaking! - by John Prytz

If you’re the average western civilized citizen, you probably believe to some degree or another that ultimately, though many generations removed from point of origin, you were on down the line supernaturally created by an obviously supernatural creator god – or God (of the Old Testament). Thousands of years ago that creator god would have been one of the many creator polytheistic gods floating around. Today, your creator god is probably the monotheistic God of the Bible’s Old Testament. How wrong you might be. Actually, how wrong you are! That creator being that created you isn’t supernatural, maybe not even extraterrestrial (that’s another scenario), but a being you’re going to create yourself via your own future flesh-and-blood descendent(s) – in a manner of speaking! Confused?


Initial premise: You’re living in the near to far distant future – you just don’t know it.


Our world is now chock-a-block full of, and we’re dependent on computers, be they supercomputers that crunch the data from scientific institutions, to the tax man’s computer databanks, to the TV weatherman’s input-output computer analysis and forecasts (still often wrong), down to your own personal laptop PC.


Your own personal PC is today (2011) way more able to crunch the numbers than NASA’s Apollo astronauts had on board their capsules. Once upon a time it would have been silly to suggest that a computer could beat a human grandmaster chess champion at – chess!


Once upon a time, a feature length motion picture had to feature real actors and real (or at least painted or matte) backgrounds - no longer. Virtual reality, via the computer or via the computer’s software has rendered the actor and the matte paintings redundant.


Once upon a time has now well advanced along to become here and now. And the best is yet to come!


Computing crunch power is expanding rapidly, in fact it’s doubling anywhere from every 13 to 24 months (depending on who you talk to). Still, a doubling of computer crunching every 24 months, contrasted to the human computer’s crunch power (i.e. – your wetware brain thingy) which isn’t doubling at all at least any time recently or anytime soon, well, it doesn’t take rocket-science maths to figure out that at some point in time computer power will not only equal but exceed, and exceed rapidly, brain power. A graph of human brain power over time is nearly a straight line. A graph of artificial (silicon and steel) computer power over time is a rapidly upwards sloping line. Sooner or later – well sooner actually – the two lines will intersect and from that point on, computer’s artificial intelligence, the ability to simulate reality, will lord it over human intelligence. So what, you ask. What’s the big deal?


The big deal is that computers are rather useful at creating virtual reality worlds – video games or simulations. Crunching the numbers translates into characters in simulated environments doing their simulated thing(s). Now of course you have, at the moment, little difficulty in telling apart a simulated reality from actual reality. It takes a lot of computer crunch power to recreate an environment that’s indistinguishable from actual reality.


But now recall our extreme growth in the crunch-the-numbers ability of our computers – or at least the software that ultimately dictates what you see on the monitor. There will, must, come a point on the graph where the increasing line representing simulated reality crosses the line that represents real reality. Translated, computers will one day; in fact just about here and now, have crunch power enough to recreate our reality, your reality, anyone’s reality, and then some.


One day, on that day, well that will be somewhere in your future. One day, on that day, those computer software programmers will prove to be your descendents. Well actually, they won’t be your direct descendents, because while they are flesh-and-blood, you are their bits-and-bytes! They are real; you are what have been virtually created or simulated.


So, given that we are virtual beings, in our simulated reality, we in turn can and have created other virtual reality beings (our video games, etc.); so we’re their creator ‘gods’. So, our real descendents will also be virtual reality humans. However, there exists really real flesh-and-blood beings; there will be flesh-and-blood beings in our virtual future. It’s that flesh-and-blood that will, actually has, created you and your virtual or simulated world – it’s just that you don’t know or aren’t aware of this. That flesh-and-blood reality must be in the future, since their creation of our virtual early 21st Century hasn’t been virtually programmed for that level of sophistication yet. Flesh-and-blood computer software programmers in the early 21st Century aren’t yet up to creating a virtual reality that matches in terms of reality their real world. But the gap is closing, so in the future non-virtual world that level of sophistication has been achieved. Therefore, you live in a virtual early 21st Century present, but you reside inside a computer that’s running sometime post early 21st Century. So you actually ‘exist’ in the future – only you don’t know, or aren’t aware of this.


Just to further complicate things, it could be that as we, as virtual reality beings have created other virtual reality beings (our video games, etc.), that our creators could also be virtual reality beings. There’s ultimately a flesh-and-blood original creator being(s) somewhere on up the line, but how many levels of simulated beings creating other simulation beings creating another further level down of virtual reality beings – well, who knows. We may be a first generation simulation of a flesh-and-blood software computer programmer or a 100th generation simulation, the previous ones just simulated beings creating (as opposed to reproducing) another generation of simulated beings!


But in the future non-virtual world, someone(s) creating our simulated universe – the program is running and has reached their equivalent of the early 21st Century. So, in a sort of roundabout way, your creator, your ‘God’, actually exists in what you would define as your future. So, in a weird sort of way, you could argue that your creators are your descendents – of sorts! If you’re still confused, welcome to the club!


Science librarian; retired.

       Article Source: http://www.ElectricArticles.com