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Is Your Vision Soul-Centered? - by Joanna Lindenbaum

“When people don’t get what they want from life, usually it’s because they don’t know what they want.” - Keith Ellis

Do you know what you want out of life?

Do you really know what you want out of life?

I’m not talking about a having the perfect figure, designer handbags, or the title of CEO. Of course, all of these things can be really great. However, I’ve known many women who have the perfect homes, luxurious cars, and thriving businesses, or other women who have great bodies, wonderful children, and all of the recognition for their work in the world, and yet - these women are unhappy. They still wake up day in and day out and have a sense that something is missing, that their lives are incomplete, that they aren’t fully living as they want to.

Why do they feel so empty, as if they haven’t quite stepped into their path in life? Why do they feel their lives and the big projects they are working on lack meaning, focus, and inspiration? It’s because they aren’t clear on what they really want. It’s because they don’t have a soul-centered vision for themselves or their projects.

So, when I ask you what you want out of life, what I am really asking is: What do you want the meaning of your life to be about? What’s your vision for your own fulfillment, and how does that fit into what you know the world really needs right now?

When you answer these questions, you can then apply them to your life and your big projects, and create meaning, fulfilment and joy. When you answer these questions, you create your Soul-Centered Vision Statement.

Perhaps you’ve heard of a vision statement before. Your Soul-Centered Vision Statement is an amped-up, heart-certified version of this. It is literally the vision you have for your greatest self and for the world. It’s what drives your big projects and what allows you to feel passionate about them. Your soul-centered vision is also one of the things that gets you up in the morning and really excites you - IF you are actually working towards that vision - and not simply chasing after things you think you “should” do or “should” have. Your vision could be anything from working towards a world which values all people equally to envisioning a world where Mother Earth is being honored and taken care of. Your vision could be dedicated to helping create a world where people love the way they look and feel and are, therefore, happier; or, it could be contributing to a world where there are no more wars.

In other words, your soul-centered vision is very much about your values and your priorities in life - your vision is what is important to you and your heart. Ideally, your vision should be something that you are working on throughout each day, whether you are at work, focusing on your DREAM project in that moment, or having lunch with a friend. For example, if your soul-centered vision is to help create a world where the Earth is valued, honored, and held sacred, you might start a business that promotes ecological products, but at the same time, you might also be very conscious about your own use of the Earth’s resources in your home.

We all strive to be happy. There’s no doubt about that. Those of us that work for a living have only a few select reasons for doing so: We need the money, we want more stuff, or we love our work. Of course there’s another possible reason…because we need the money, want more stuff, but happen to love our work as well. Now answer me this: Do we need to love what we do because we love the work itself: Or, can we love our work regardless of the tasks we perform day after day because we’re finding ways, at and away from work, to love life which in turn makes everything we do sound and feel great?

If you have a soul-centered vision, and are always doing your best to achieve that vision, it means you’re always living your life with purpose. Thus, each and every instance where you realize even a tiny portion of your vision, it produces a vast amount of true happiness. With vision, life has meaning. If you lack vision, you lack purpose. Without purpose, life can seem quite empty.

Imagine how your life might be different if you actually were clear on your vision? Imagine how fulfilled you might feel if you were to live your soul-centered vision in all aspects of you life?

Joanna Lindenbaum, M.A., has 12 years of teaching and coaching experience. Her coaching invites women to think bigger, to embrace their power, to create more compelling and exciting goals for themselves, to become leaders, to connect to their intuition, to open their hearts, and to make it a practice of remembering how special and important they are. By activating this inner wisdom, Joanna helps her clients achieve extraordinary success in business, career, and life. Sign up for Joanna's complimentary "How to Overcome the 5 Most Common Obstacles to Soul-Centered Success" at http://soulfulcoach.com/ecourse.php.

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