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Making Carp and Catfish Boilies Paste and Pellet HNV Baits for Wary Fish! - by Tim F. Richardson

Big carp and catfish anglers need to constantly keep ahead of fish suspicions to be able catch the bigger wary fish that come under so much fishing pressure. Here are some seriously productive big fish tips – plus much more special insights and unique experiences on this subject particularly in regards to fish behaviour manipulation and bait substances and choices. Read on for much more and improve your catches for life!If you are like many anglers today, you will have some pretty stereotypical ideas of what fishing baits should be; but fish have none of these thoughts. By saying this I mean that thinking like a fish is always going to get you better catches than thinking like an angler. The proliferation of commercial carp waters, massively increased carp and catfish stocks and fish weights, the coming of dedicated carp fishing magazines and the enormous bait and tackle companies of today are all part of the modern specimen fishing phenomenon. All this and more has made it possible for an incredible and increasingly huge number of new anglers to get fishing instantly - without the kind of ingenuity, head-banging frustrations and years of trail and error, and long fishing apprenticeships so needed in pasts decades of previous generations.But one aspect of this speed and ease of access into fishing and more specifically the ability to capture more wary fish some things have not changed! Wary highly fishing-pressured fish are still highly adaptable creatures that are capable of frustrating the most talented and experienced of anglers even with all the commercial fishing sponsoring or other formats of support available. One vital thing that instant anglers lack is experience. Even the most experienced leading match anglers find the transfer into specimen hunting is a paradigm shift because of all the varying dynamics involved. You are still competing against the fish and other anglers but to target the biggest fish in a water calls for even more skill and much sharper focus and uniqueness of approach. Even if your general aim is to simply wade through catching each and every fish in a water until you finally bank all the biggest fish, doing this as fast an as efficiently as possible takes a very dedicated approach and sets of skills and experiences and insights about the fish and in baits and bait application etc.I have had the opportunity to fish against anglers who came into fishing from other kinds of angling. One was originally an old school friend who was a member of the England sea fishing team for years. Another 2 of my friends used to match fish for England as youths. These guys were extremely talented and noticeably adaptable and versatile in their thinking. They were not at all like the average guys you meet on the bank. The major reason for this was that their aim was to sum up a fishing situation as fast as possible using the fish as the focal point; and everything stemmed from this.Very frequently you meet guys on the bank who really have a fixed standardised mindset about swims to fish and spots to fish, what baits work, what rigs to use, and so on. I have been in situations where guys you have just met for the first time ever on the bank actually tell you to your face you must be some kind of noddy or beginner angler because you are not using the going readymade brand of bait on that water. Having been asked to write the website reviews of not just the readymade baits but bait ingredients for some pretty major bait companies in the UK, and having been designing and making my own baits since the seventies before boilies were even used by the majority of anglers in the UK or around the world this kind of thing is tiresome. But many anglers who began fishing from the mid-eighties onwards have no idea that there was a time when you had no choice but to think for yourself; do your own research and design and make your own baits and make certain they worked or blank as a result! I am predominantly a carp angler despite my UK beach sea fishing for decades and many pretty wild salmon and trout fishing adventures in Scotland on River like the White Adder and the Girvan etc. I took great interest in catfish when this species became an unavoidable by-product of both legal and illegal stocking of many waters and was particularly amazed at their growth rates and pulling power on the first few runs. After catching over 30 catfish weighing above 68 pounds up to 120 pounds from different waters in the UK I discovered that the homemade baits I had designed using nutritional research relating to Siluriforms hooked an above average number of very big carp. Personally this was a major breakthrough that meant that the science had been successfully utilised in practical baits. In particular the 2005 and 2006 seasons produced a very good number of forties in the UK for me that far exceeded the average catches for the day ticket waters I fished during that period. The only reason I fished those waters was to trial the baits but no-one knew this at the time. During this period I used different bait designs on pretty much every fishing trip so the HNV theory in action was not really about long-term effects in this case but in instant impacts. What I was doing was combining substances chosen for instant bioactive impacts and used them to enhance the impacts and stimulation of nutritional bait substances. I was choosing substances that stimulated the senses and physiology; digestion and metabolism etc of both catfish and carp. This approach also produced 2 lake record catfish for me in 2006. Now In the introduction I promised you some tips and insights that will really help you to improve your catches. I realise that probably all of you reading this are using readymade baits of different form, various formats and designs etc. My aim is to stimulate more thinking that stems not from brand names and even so-called food bait type mentalities but from a far freer thinking approach – where anything is potentially possible. With such an open mind what you choose to use and how you think afresh in terms of how to apply baits in new and alternative ways can come from the perspective of thinking like a fish – and not as an angler.For many anglers this mindset is hard to understand so here is an example of what I am trying to convey. Think of a bed of bloodworm in June. Water temperatures mean these protein-rich silt-dwelling invertebrates are a vital natural food item for carp. But they are also extremely important for many other species too, particularly the other Cyprinid species such as roach and bream, tench, and even chub and barbel etc. Carp can get pretty pre-occupied on feeding on bloodworm beds and this can make catching them require a thinking approach that involves developing a deeper understanding of how carp feeding behaviours and modes occur and how to exploit and manipulate these and other vital factors. In terms of catfish you can exploit this situation to your advantage as prey fish species will gather in such areas of rich feeding – and catfish exploit this as they are energy-efficient feeders just like carp!Ok so thinking like a carp in relation to carp can be realising what particle sizes their gill rakers adjust to in order to filter feed on plankton, or on bloodworm etc. there is not coincidence that crushed boilies do well or that coarse and fine particle sized ground baits, stick mixes, seeds and crushed nuts and pulses etc do so well and I regard boilie mixes whether homemade or readymade as very multi-purpose baits for use with all of the above and much more besides!I am not advocating any specific types of baits here but demonstrating here that fish are hard-wired by necessity to feed in particular ways at various times in various situations and that these factors can not only be utilised further when you have a deeper understanding of this, but actually can be artificially made to occur by leveraging not only forms of baits such as boilies, pellets and so on, but vitally, by the choices of substances exploited!Time of year and season ahs a great bearing on your substances and baits and formats choices in terms of substances used to induce, manipulate and exploit feeding modes and behaviours highly significantly; for instance in the spring coming out of the winter period, fish are building up energy reserves in preparation for spawning. Many fish will be re-building their immune systems and body fat after a very long period of relative hibernation. This takes very specific rich nutritional foods. Currently in the cold of spring water temperatures of this and last year natural food in the form of algae, daphnia and bloodworm etc will be slow to proliferate. This presents you with an ideal opportunity to catch fish by leveraging bait. In the late seventies into the early eighties, one of my early baits for spring was not high protein unlike the HNV milk protein boilies so prevalent and popular at that time. But my bait was rich in essential minerals, vitamins and very many other special bioactive factors boosting fish in ways I never even imagined back then, plus carbohydrates – sugars and natural flavours and so on. It might seem relatively strange now, but a simple homemade bait made utilising Phillips Yeast Mixture, very ripe bananas, wheat germ, Minamino liquid protein, wholemeal wheat and oat meal plus a few other goodies such as daphnia -rich rice-based cold water fish foods and so on, caught me loads of fish. Of course I in that period I was constantly experimenting just like everyone else and I had exercise books packed with weird and wonderful secret homemade recipes plus others I had gleaned from other anglers and other sources.Before baits were boiled and called boilies, we used paste baits. These were called specials because they were made for specific purposes in stimulating and attracting fish although they were just as special as most of us had our own unique versions of such baits and their was a huge diversity of what was being used. Many people used sausage meat based pastes boosted with curry powder for instance and bound with ingredients like wheat gluten for example. Today we have far more refined ingredients available than 30 or 40 years ago; we have hydrolysed caseins and other additives and liquids and so on.Here is a tip for you to use to catch warier carp and catfish. This is a very simple HNV type but instant bait anyone can make. It is up to you how exacting the levels of contents or their ratios that you use are. Anyway this will to some extent depend upon your budget. The basis of this sort of bait idea is low temperature fish meal called LT94. It is a very famous ingredient now in very short supply - so make the most of it while the fish stocks last in the sea or perhaps do the decent thing and use poultry protein for instance instead of scarce fish meals! Other similar products have digestible protein levels at 72 percent or maybe less compared to that in the nineties of this fish meal and this fish meal is also significantly soluble. Anyway, simply mix this powder with blood plasma powder, crunchy kelp meal and hydrolysed poultry protein. I do not advocate using any synthetically-based flavour in this bait but you might use anchovy concentrate to enhance palatability and aroma for example so all your bait is composed of totally natural nutritional stimulation and attraction. For the spring try adding crunchy kelp meal too. This combination is going to attract and stimulate fish even from a very long range depending on water currents. For example, blood plasma is extremely soluble and dissipates into the water column extremely fast and effectively to attract and stimulate fish. I could go into how to make your baits far more internally stimulating and habit-forming, but you can see how potent just these few items are when you make up such a bait and try it; it will work without any added flavours, enhancers palatants etc.You might try mixing up some salmon oil and hemp oil and using a very low rate just to boost taste and nutritional stimulation and attraction. But bear in mind that carp do not benefit healthily from high levels of lipids in baits until their metabolisms are operating at peak efficiency only when water temperatures rise high enough – this year that could be as late as the middle of June in some regions of the UK this year – or maybe even later in deeper waters! As catfish have much higher metabolism incremental rises per temperature increase and naturally require higher levels of lipids in their diets; these things are less critical in their case compared to carp. If you get these ingredients and additives from CC Moore or other online suppliers too, maybe try their new liquid shellfish concentrate in combination with their awesome salmon and krill liquid food. I would personally make pastes but if you prefer, try fast steaming these baits to make boilies. Happy hauling! (For further information on making, adapting, designing and boosting your baits see my bait secrets ebooks website Baitbigfish right now - and improve your catches for life!) By Tim Richardson.

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Tim Richardson is a homemade carp and catfish bait-maker, and proven big fish angler. His bait making and bait enhancing books / ebooks are even used by members of the British Carp Study Group for reference. View this dedicated bait secrets website now! 

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