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How to Effectively Speak About What You Do To Attract More Clients - by Heather Dominick

I remember once when I needed to tell someone I was sorry (‘Sorry for acting like a jerk’ would have actually been the best phrase). You would’ve thought I was about to be executed the way I was dragging my feet. No matter how hard it felt, I knew I needed to do it because by not speaking those words would have toxic energy over-spilling into my business and my success and that’s a price I’m not willing to pay.
The fifth energy point is located at the base of the throat and it’s quite powerful. Most people have a hard time believing this. I often hear, “What does my voice have to do with my business or getting more clients?"

Everything, my friend, everything!

There’s a belief out there that a person’s life energy, like money in a bank account, is limited. This is often used as an excuse (usually a sign of something deeper that’s being avoided): “It’s not worth saying anything. I need to save my energy.”

Energy isn’t limited. It’s either flowing or it’s blocked.

What blocks energy, simple enough, is holding back.

When you are afraid to speak, the energy flow becomes very restricted. The constriction of the fifth energy point manifests in physical complaints such as chronic tonsillitis, thyroid problems, sore throat, stiff neck and in characteristics such as acting shy, untruthful, incommunicative, literal, introverted, and unresponsive. Tightness is evident everywhere. Or the energy point can swing the other way out of balance: over-eating/drinking, gossiping, excessive talking, constantly interrupting.

Ironically, when you lose touch with your fifth energy point, it’s usually because you are trying to avoid conflict, don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, or lose a client (you want to keep yourself safe), but you end up doing so much more harm than good.

Tightness ripples out to fear of expansion and that’s your own success sabotage in action.

The less energy you spend on speaking your truth, the less you have to spend. (Read that again. It’s key.)
I speak from experience when I say that fusing power into your fifth energy point is not something that necessarily happens overnight, especially if it’s been blocked for some time, (you can read more about my own story here), but the way the world starts to click for you, the more you harness this energy, is an amazing miracle—BIG TIME.

Your EnergyRICH® Call To Action

1) If a tough truth must be voiced, say it WITHOUT anger, revenge, or hurting the person you’re speaking to. Write it down first if this will help.

2) Be generous with genuine praise and appreciation (this is actually even more powerful than being generous with money). We all are eager for praise and most of us get much less than we deserve.

3) Make eye contact when you speak to someone.

4) Express your life purpose and natural gifts and abilities everyday whether it’s professionally, personally, or creatively as a hobby (The Universe doesn’t know the difference it just registers, “Oh, you’re serious about this. Ok, let me bring you more of it.”

Heather Dominick, founder of the EnergyRICH(r) Success System for Entrepreneurs, a proven step-by-step system to help partner your inner and outer approach to business for profitable productivity fused with JOY! Get started right away with your free business success kit: http://www.energyrichsuccesskit.com

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