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Making Cheap Homemade Carp Boilies For Big Fish Without Using Expensive Protein Ingredients! - by Tim F. Richardson

There is much made of amino acids and protein in carp baits but is truly over-blown when you consider how many cheap fantastic classic carp baits succeed with barely any protein content, including sweetcorn, bread and tiger nuts. Here are some alternative low protein cheap bait recipe suggestions to give you the edge and to save a fortune in expensive readymade baits!Certain magazine bait writers are incredibly snobbish about bait design because they are stuck in a rut of adhering to old-school protein and amino acids ideas from the seventies and want to ignore baits that inconveniently do not fit their way of thinking! Personally I know it is irrelevant how much protein my homemade baits work because they leverage a much wider range of natural feeding triggers and attractors than a limiting amino acid quoting bait snob likes to mention, (in fact some of them put down using bread crumb in bait which is just bait snobbery at its worst!)It is a fact that many waters simply do not produce carp on the first cast on boilies because the fish simply do not recognise them as food, just as very wary fish can actually pretty much permanently stop feeding on conventional fishing baits of all kinds and not get landed for years. However it is very rare when finding virgin fish for them to ignore bread, or sweetcorn or freshly fermented tiger nuts for instance. Eggs form a significant proportion of the protein in boilies. It was many years ago that Rod Hutchinson suggested ways to avoid your boilies getting rejected because they contained familiar substances that carp had learned to avoid, such as liquid eggs used to bind boilies. Very many bait base mixes will bind sufficiently enough without extra eggs, but even substituting liquid eggs for a 10 percent inclusion of whey gel and egg albumin for instance will avoid the use of the normal liquid egg fish are rather well used to from decades of experiencing it.Making boilies with very cheap ingredients is very much about simply using a cereal meals or powders as the bulk carrier in the bait. Cheap baits do not leverage protein in the same way as many highly digestible and balanced amino acid and protein boilies, but they have many other approaches to exciting carp receptors to induce feeding. Even a bait based on bread crumbs with lots of added Robin Red additive and cheap milk powders bound with a proportion of whey gel and egg albumin and perhaps blood powder is going to catch many fish, especially if you add something like the very cheapest pig liquid spleen and liver extract protein you can get.If you are going for cheap baits then expensive fish meals, enzyme-treated fish proteins and ridiculously priced milk extracts and fractions such as whey protein concentrate are not going to be used much. But such things although productive are just one approach. Every carp angler knows you can catch loads of carp on bird food based baits and these things works predominantly on nutritional stimulation and attraction not based on proteins but other factors like key vitamins as used in baits with Robin Red, and minerals and betaine as in molasses for instance.In the eighties my friends and I found a great supply of pig feed which had many ingredients in common with a range of highly rated bird foods including CLO, Robin Red, This bait was like a very coarse–textured Robin Red and we used it as 75 percent of our baits for as long as we could get the stuff because it worked so very well! These baits caught fish all over the place in the UK and Europe and were even made and sold for sale in local fishing shops in Essex. They had a good number of anglers buying them and catching very well on them and were far cheaper than baits like the Richworth readymade freezer baits of the time. These baits were very open textured because of all the minerals, traces and coarse water-soluble ingredients in them and were extremely digestible and worked in the lowest of winter temperatures too. We were making baits that were the equal or better of Richworth baits for just 3 pounds a kilogram. They were instantly effective and caught many fish that the Richworth baits failed to catch. The fact is that out baits were not high protein baits but were very rich indeed in water-soluble vitamins, minerals and trace elements with vital lipid sources added among other forms of nutritional attraction. So if you are having problems figuring out things like sorting for first second and third amino acids forget it – it is merely one approach to nutritional attraction. The fact is you need a different and alternative approach to how your baits work were fish are just stuffed full of conventional bait nutrition and are at the stage where an alternative approach will often produce better results. Sure things have moved on from straight out milk protein baits, or the usual fish meal or bird food type baits of years ago and lines are very blurred now with universal use of balanced nutrition baits still designed around including protein and amino acids attraction and stimulation.Just one simple recipe for an instant cheap bait for big carp that is naturally effective and catches carp all year round:300 grams of vanilla extract powder.300 grams roast peanut meal.300 grams of Meggablend Red from Ccmoore.100 grams of whole egg powder.To mix the bait instead of just using water I advise you to include liquid foods such as liquid Belachan, corn steep liquor, liquid kelp complex, Marine Amino Compound, Tiger nut extract, liquid yeast, liquid liver, Minamino, liquid molasses etc. Other additions you might choose include extra Robin Red, corn steep liquor powder, Lactose B Plus concentrate, super pure betaine, Ultrasweet enhancer, Red Venom liquid food and tiger nut oil, flavours and essential oils. Although bait recipes like this and many others are not based on expensive high protein ingredients they are packed with nutritional attraction and natural attractors that carp find irresistible. I would personally include Ccmoore Cyprivit vitamin supplement for those big wary fish, but there are multitudes of other options to exploit and stay ahead of your fellow anglers blowing there wages on over-priced readymade baits!If you want to stop paying a fortune in bait every time you go fishing and want to consistently catch big carp (those with the highest need for energy-efficient food) then you do not need a science degree to do it. For much more information see my bait making secrets website and dedicated bait secrets ebooks at Baitbigfish right now!By Tim Richardson.

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Tim Richardson is a homemade carp and catfish bait-maker, and proven big fish angler. His bait making and bait enhancing books / ebooks are even used by members of the British Carp Study Group for reference. View this dedicated bait secrets website now! 

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