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15 Carp fishing Paste Bait Tips! - by Tim F. Richardson

Do your big carp catches need a boost?! Paste has always been outstanding carp bait and many carp anglers over-look so many great ways of applying it on hooks, rigs and exploiting it in many other ways. Why miss out on exploiting very crafty methods to fool very many more big wary carp! Here are 15 essential big fish paste tips to stimulate your thinking and your catches!Paste baits have always been superior in many ways to boilies because they have no barrier to the release of all their attraction and in fact can be so effective in this release that they melt into the water pretty much completely; all this soluble bait is rapidly dispersed in the water and pulls the fish magnificently to your bait!1. Fishing over paste baits means you can fish over broken down bait that more wary and more experienced big fish can very often find much more comfortable feeding with confidence over than with whole pellets and boilies!3. Paste baits are very handy as they are sticky and can be moulded around baits, hooks, leads and anything else you like so it is easily delivered by many means that carp will not have experienced much in the recent past.4. You can use the dough from proprietary bait company base mixes and other ingredients to make your own homemade baits for relatively little cost compared to buying silly little amounts of paste at stupid prices!5. You can easily begin by using readymade paste from bait companies that match your free readymade baits and immediately practice using pastes and catching on them!6. Many anglers only seem how to make a fishing paste out of scalded trout or halibut pellets for instance, but this is the tip of the tip of the ice-berg! Dough type baits are one of the easiest and quickest carp baits to make quite apart from being exceptionally effective, and they can be made from the cheapest ingredients and still keep working for big fish (and you can make a unique and different bait every single time!)7. You can vary characteristics of your bait so it is harder, softer, less or more resilient to nuisance fish like roach, more or less buoyant, have unusual textures and incorporate all kinds of things for special effects including micro pellets and crushed seeds and nuts like hemp and tiger nuts.8. A very basic bread flake and yeast extract bait was common beginning for many carp anglers 30 years ago getting more into catching carp, and such very simple baits still work and prove you never need to spend a fortune on expensive baits!9. To make a carp fishing bait dough a little unusual or alternative is very easy but to make a great bait dough takes some knowledge of carp senses and specific substances and ingredients and their components but you can make small economical amounts of bait using aquatic feeds for catfish, cold water fish and koi for instance.10. A basic starter mix can be made by adding crushed aniseed-flavour Red Band bird food, crushed Koi feed or halibut pellet powder together, with eggs or even water in the mix.11. The legendary bird food additive called Robin Red is great in soft pastes at high or low levels and there are alternative such as Cypry Red from Willis Worms among others!12. You can base your homemade baits on proprietary base mixes with all the trimmings such as liquid foods, betaine, butyric acid, garlic concentrate, whey protein and casein, fish meals, enhancers and sweeteners like Talin and flavours and so on, or get all your ingredients from a supermarket often much cheaper!13. Using odd-shaped soft baits gets around the fact that most wary carp find it very much easier to avoid and reject machine-rolled uniform sized and shaped boilies and pellets!14. You can make your homemade paste baits on the bank so they are even fresher than most readymade baits can ever be – which is a very important point!15. If you begin with experimenting with soft bait recipes which contain a high level of soluble sugars, marine, insect, fish, liver, yeast and milk and vegetable proteins for instance and your baits will release an explosion of carp attraction far quicker than your friends boilies – so you can expect even more action!It is a fact today on many carp waters that the so-called smaller species have grown big by consuming expensive readymade baits used in such volumes. This change of behaviours and dietary preferences in many waters shows the impact of the nutritional attraction of boilies and this attraction and your catches can be seriously multiplied by boosting certain levels of substances in your baits! This especially includes the concentrations and levels of very specific natural attractors, feeding triggers and appetite stimulators for example. For insider information on homemade bait making and recipes, see my dedicated bait secrets site Baitbigfish now; why not improve your catches for life!By Tim Richardson.

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Tim Richardson is a homemade carp and catfish bait-maker, and proven big fish angler. His bait making and bait enhancing books / ebooks are even used by members of the British Carp Study Group for reference. View this dedicated bait secrets website now! 

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