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Catch More Carp With Crustacean Betaine Compounds And Potent Marine Oils! - by Tim F. Richardson

Crustacean and mollusc compounds are an incredibly potent addition to your carp fishing baits! In the short and long-term they account for fantastic catches of big carp! Belachan and mussel extracts are two of the leading carp bait additives, but discover more alternatives and their power, how they work and how to exploit them to maximum effect! Read on now!When used in fishing baits some of the most vital aspects of crustacean compounds are their highly stimulatory nutritional contents which includes their rich amino acid profiles, salts and other amines content, plus their vital lipid (or oils) contents! Also betaine is a very significant part crustacean extracts and compounds huge success. Betaine is very effective in carp baits and is probably one of the most famous additves used in homemade and commercial baits today. Along with the fame of betaine comes things like Belachan and green-lipped mussel extracts; again so successful due to their outstanding betaine, amino acids, and salts contents etc. All kinds of marine and terrestrial creatures contain amounts of betaine in their tissues for instance, from mussels, clams, oysters and scallops to, lobsters, crayfish, crawfish, crabs, shrimp, krill, prawns, and squid among others. Betaine is also found in fungi such as yeasts and this is yet another reason yeast extract is so effective. Betaine lipids are especially important in algae. Phytoplankton such as algae is an incredibly nutritionally-rich and complex natural carp food. Carp feed on this by sucking it off stones and aquatic plants as well as filter-feeding on it free in the water in blooms of various species and densities etc. (This is in addition to zooplankton or daphnia too, which is also a great bait additive!) Often carp will be filter-feeding on plankton when they are seen in the upper water layers in spring and early summer for example and this behaviour is a great reason to fish spirulina-rich baits fished Zig-Rig style!Crustacean oils and natural extracts like betaine and chitosan have really healthy metabolic effects in carp and humans too. We are always hearing about how omega oils are good for the heart. Getting the balanced regular intake of omega 3 and 6 oils right leads to a healthy heart and improved circulation among other great benefits! Fish oils are obviously proven fish attractors and crustacean lipids are very much so too. Beneficial oils also regulate energy and are incredibly important easily-digested and vital energy-efficient basic energy sources! Such lipids (more commonly called oils) are usually included in baits at around 20 millilitres per a kilogram of boilie mix and can really make all the difference! When you think about the success of hemp oil it is no surprise to find it contains omega 3, 6 and 9. Sweetcorn oil is a newer product to see the fishing bait shop shelves, but I think you can see more of where I getting at about its energy attraction, antioxidant potency and feeding stimulation! The preparatory fishing bait liquid crustacean extracts and complexes are often quite oily in nature. With these you know there is an highly stimulatory combination of stimulatory essential amino acids plus betaine as well as attractive oils and salts, plus many other factors not covered. Crustacean compounds are very usually water-soluble PVA product-friendly which means there are many ways to keep high levels of them in the area of your hook baits!My experiments with crustacean compounds and extracts began over 30 years ago at the cockle sheds at Southend with the cockles and other sea foods there. Crushed discarded cockle shells are an invaluable cheap bait addition and crushed egg shell is an added bonus in baits too and add calcium. Of the crustacean compounds of which there are many available from all kinds of bait companies, some of the most and most successful I have ever used are the following: Rod Hutchinson Shellfish Sense Appeal, Ccmoore Marine Amino Compound, Liquid Super Slop and Salmon and Krill Extract Liquid. An increasing proportion of bait companies include crustacean meals in their baits. CW Baits offer various related products including whole shrimps, krill and shrimp meal. Ccmoore offer a product called Supernaturals which is very highly proven and many betaine-rich insect protein based meals and ground baits preparations are available commercially. Dried shrimps and so on are buoyant so very useful in many ways, apart from the fact your can boost them and re-hydrate them with crustacean compounds and oils etc!Using crushed, powdered and meal forms of crustaceans is a fantastic way to ensure your baits remain highly stimulating long after more water-soluble substances have leached from your baits. Shrimp meal, krill meal and Belachan are far from the only crustacean products that have and will continue to produce outstanding baits! There is no reason not to exploit actual molluscs and crustaceans on your rigs along with more resilient baits such as boilies and pellets etc. Liquidising molluscs is a very quick and simple way to start producing your own unique homemade nutritionally-stimulating carp bait complexes. I also have a near-stagnant pond next to my house alive with mosquitoes (and thus bloodworms that I can regularly harvest.) It is all good stuff and it all saves on bait costs and can be used in conjunction with proprietary crustacean compounds from bait companies! In fact if you do not have marine sources nearby what about farm animal-related bye-products? I have used a farm where I used to live to get pig liver and spleen extracts which are very cheap and work very well. I have found that combining these with crustacean compounds produces reliable big fish results and this year this mixture includes hydrolysed salmon protein from CW Baits too combined with their high PC liquid lecithin to improve bait digestion and overall feed-triggering effects; awesome stuff!Molluscs are high in water content and far less dense than ordinary boilies and pellets for instance. For this reason they are much more naturally near buoyancy when in water and this is a really great characteristic of them and other baits such as fatty luncheon meats for instance. I now live very close to near Rye Bay and can source fresh Rye Scallops now instead of fresh Southend cockles. I guess everyone has some source of natural bait they can get to use in very creative and innovative ways. I have done very well indeed using marine-based baits incorporating a 20 percent inclusion of Ccmoore green-lipped mussel extract (de-fatted) plus Ccmoore Belachan liquid and powder (or fermented European shrimp powder) used in my odd-sized and irregularly-shaped hook baits. These are made into wafting baits that negate the weight of the hook; utilising micro air balloons, cork dust or cork granules as I prefer not to microwave my own homemade buoyant baits! Even if you do not presently make your own homemade baits, and all you use is readymade baits, there are many things you can do to seriously boost their performance and get more fish your are sure to be missing out on. Read on now to find out more at my biography and bait making secrets website Baitbigfish!!By Tim Richardson.

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Tim Richardson is a homemade carp and catfish bait-maker, and proven big fish angler. His bait making and bait enhancing books / ebooks are even used by members of the British Carp Study Group for reference. View this dedicated bait secrets website now! 

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