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Making Homemade Carp Fishing Baits With Shellfish And Fibre To Improve Your Catches! - by Tim F. Richardson

The use of crushed oyster and egg shell, wheat and oat brans and other natural fibre substances in carp baits improve catches significantly! But why is this, how do they work and how can you seriously boost your big carp catches using them? Read on to find out more and multiply your catches right now!Chitin is an amino polysaccharide made up of glucosamine linkages that form hard outer and inner coating of many terrestrial, marine and aquatic organisms including crustaceans, molluscs, and arthropods. It is the most common polysaccharide in nature so it is a very useful substance to many creatures! Typically it is found in crab, lobster, crawfish, shrimp, krill, prawns, crayfish, clams, mussels, oyster, and squid among others, but it is also found in cell walls of fungi and algae. As crustaceans, molluscs and arthropods are regularly consumed by carp in their natural diets, it is obvious they not only gain benefits from chitin and the related chitosan it in various ways directly and indirectly, but are highly sensitised to these and their effects. (Carp will even be sensitive to theses things absence from your baits!) Chitosan and chitin are known to boost the immune system and this is also one of the hidden factors and impacts of yeasts and yeast extracts in carp baits. More knowledgeable bait designers know that including a proportion of soluble as well as insoluble fibre is vital for improving bait digestion and bait transit among many other vital factors especially in lower temperatures where carp metabolism slows down! This whole subject is not merely restricted to things like wheat, oat bran (plus wheat germ,) whole or crushed hemp, chocolate husk, desiccated coconut, and Niger seeds for instance; there are very many more substances to exploit to achieve competitive bait edges!Chitin is soluble in acid gut conditions. It can even be broken down as an instant energy source because it is a polysaccharide like sugars. Chitosan is a form of sugar found in crustacean shells such as those of crabs and shrimps. It is marketed as a health supplement to help with aging problems and joint mobility etc but it has many other benefits besides these. It is taken as a health supplement all around the world and is now used as an anti-microbial agent in operations to suppress bacterial and yeast infections and it has proven to reduce oxidation in sea food lipids for instance! Years ago I used to think that adding a crunch-factor to my baits was the only reason for adding such materials to your baits. But being adding carbonates to your baits has very many further benefits for those thinking carp anglers with a creative mind. It is true however that roughage such as this in bait improves bait transit through the gut and can improve bait digestion and bait performance over all in many ways in the long and short-terms. Chitosan binds to acids, cholesterols and lipids which form non-digestible complexes that are excreted and lead to improved metabolism, energy and more balanced health. The lowering of cholesterol in the liver leads to activation of expression of low density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol) receptors in the gut which leads to an increase of low density lipoproteins from the bloodstream sent to the liver. This lowers overall cholesterol and bad blood cholesterol levels regularly when chitosan is consumed regularly. This is one of the big secrets of many carp bait ingredients, additives and various substances. Their ability to improve liver, heart and circulatory health, balance and energy by balancing cholesterol levels and helping regulate energy intake and usage is vitally important and the carp feeding trigger betaine has related importance in this regard too! All this proves powerfully significant boost to metabolism naturally. Oat and wheat bran, and bean and pulses provide soluble dietary fibre and like chitosan which is also a soluble fibre, they lower cholesterol levels and betaine is involved in this. Maize and sweetcorn contain both soluble fibre and betaine plus saccharides. This helps really explains a lot about their effectiveness as instant carp baits!Chitin and chitosan absorb metal cations that catalyse oxidative reactions. Chitosan consumption leads to reduction in fatty liver because it binds to cholesterols and bile acids etc and removes them from the system. This leads to the liver having to produce more bile acids and so reducing cholesterol levels n the liver. It is notable as it contains free amino groups too. Adding oyster shell to your homemade boilies for instance adds essential dietary calcium to the carp diets as well as other less obvious health benefits. The way and rate of energy processing in a carp body are all part of the metabolism of the fish and this involves oxygen in many chemical reactions. This aerobic metabolism involving oxidative reactions generate harmful chemicals called reactive oxygen species and free radicals in the body which are to only a degree dealt-with by the natural defence systems of the body. These radicals damage DNA and can lead to imbalances in body systems producing diseases such as major circulatory and heart problems and cancers among many other problems. Antioxidants fight and prevent the build-up of these nasty free radicals that cause the oxidation of lipids, proteins, sterols and nucleic acids. Various potent antioxidative substances act as vital natural antioxidative enzymes, hydrogen donors, metal chelators and singlet oxygen quenchers. You will probably recognise some or all of these as some as used more than others with very great success in carp baits:Carotenoids, (and carotenes,) polyphenols, tocopherols as found in teas for instance, ascorbic acid, and many others. You might note that Robin Red and many herbs and spices contain potent antioxidant properties as does yeast extracts which act as antimicrobials in the body. Polyphenols are a huge group of varied compounds with huge health and stimulatory benefits and even truly addictive effects! Carp bait ingredients are so much more than just about direct nutritional stimulation. Any extra benefits can very definitely give your bait many added competitive edges over other carp anglers baits! Read my biography and visit my unique bait secrets website Baitbigfish to find out much more! By Tim Richardson.

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Tim Richardson is a homemade carp and catfish bait-maker, and proven big fish angler. His bait making and bait enhancing books / ebooks are even used by members of the British Carp Study Group for reference. View this dedicated bait secrets website now! 

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