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How To Make Homemade Carp Baits Using This Simple Big Fish Boilie Recipe! - by Tim F. Richardson

Not every carp water requires you to spend a fortune on top quality readymade protein baits and even on highly pressured big fish waters you can be very successful using very cheap baits. Many bait making secrets are so simple yet so effective that anyone can instantly use them so here are some more unusual but potent ones that will save you a fortune!Many carp anglers today seem to be dependant upon readymade baits, from ground baits, pellets, boilies and many other forms. But over a year the costs of your bait can be far more than you would dare imagine especially when you are buying bait piecemeal from fishing shops just before going fishing. Carp fishing comes at a price because it takes the one commodity no-one can replace and that is time. As we know, time equals money and unfortunately the majority of average anglers are not making money while fishing and they could well spend a lot of time doing it which is just one reason apart from the current economic climate why cutting costs and making good savings is so important!Readymade bait has become such a booming business ever since the time around 1983 when Richworth first introduced freezers into tackle shops and began to sell frozen readymade baits for the very first time. I remember when I along with many other anglers used these baits and at first they caught so many fish. But of course when too many fish were hooked too many times on a particular flavour the effects were a drop in catches, especially in the numbers of bigger fish and these were very instant-catching concentrated flavour over-dosed baits.The flavours sure did work though and it is highly significant that now the Richworth range of baits is far more designed with long-term nutrition in mind so the longevity of baits lasts. Over the decades I have been able to use all kinds of readymade baits and base mixes and calculate the costs in reality from using them over long periods of time while testing all kinds of baits and recipes of my own.Ultimately making your own baits is always a winning option when you want to save money. Making your baits totally unique is no problem either and the number of bait base mixes commercially available is huge. However you need to know a bit about bait and most importantly fish senses in order to truly exploit homemade baits in ways that will most economically out-fish a large range of readymade baits. This pretty much can mean knowing as much or even about fish senses and baits design in terms of what each ingredients and its components can affect fish in different ways in countless combinations. This takes years of experience to achieve but short-cuts are available in terms of concise specially gathered information drawn from years of testing homemade baits based on fish nutrition papers plus bait design pioneers articles and advice from nutritionists, aquaculture feed designers, biochemists and others.When I was getting more into making homemade baits in the late Seventies and early Eighties there were a few readymade base mixes available and these were rich in amino acids and other natural feeding triggers especially and were highly successful. Duncan Kay Slyme baits and the famous Black Magic among others were available. Last week I was making a special high protein paste based on various milk and marine proteins with low levels of seedy bird foods and very low levels of 3 flavours containing a tiny amount of solvent base and packed with natural esters. This bait was a pretty firm paste which I moulded actually around my hair rig just above my boilies just over the hook point to draw more attention to my hook baits. This was also used to obscure the hook to a degree to stop it being seen and to stop chod from obscuring the hook point (instead of using conventional water-soluble PVA foam.) While showing some anglers this homemade paste on the bank during my fishing session last week it occurred to me that it had a very similar smell and taste of one of the early readymade base mixes I had used very successfully 28 years ago. All I did in those days was add water to the mix and many readymade mixes only required this at that time and earlier because they were used as paste baits.So in a way it has taken me 30 years to replicate in a way a bait that I knew was designed by a very experienced bait maker still during the heyday of bait making pioneers. It might be noted just how many years people like Rod Hutchinson have been making baits not just commercially but for his friends going back well before even the Seventies. I used his readymade base mixes as paste form as the mainstay of my fishing for quite a while but never truly realised the complexity of their design and the potency they had on fish senses and physiology etc.There are many more people who have reached a very high level of big fish bait making knowledge over the decades. If you look at the Nutrabaits recipe the their Big Fish Mix designed by Richard Skidmore, or get to know a bit about the early fishmeal baits boosted with predigested fish proteins from Premier baits, find out the truth about the background behind the Nutrabaits Hi-Nu-Val milk protein mix and so on, you begin to see a picture emerging of what sticks out in many decades-proven big fish bait recipes.Whether you are a highly skilled and experienced carp angler who can leverage instant over-flavoured baits all day long, or a less experienced newer angler wanting to establish a balanced nutritional value food type bait on a water it matter not. The principles of bait making are the same because vital details in regards to the workings and exploitation of fish senses by particular bait components used in combination are very well known now. But science certainly has not discovered everything and it cannot even totally accurately work out the actual biological value of 2 foods when consumed at the same time by a human. This is an extremely complex area and despite all kinds of refined and re-defined specialist measure used to determine conversion whether in regards to lysine in protein as the most limiting factor or simply measuring mass gains in fish as a result of test foods, things are still not accurate enough.To me this just shows you do not have to be a PhD marine biologist nutritionist in order to make baits that work. You have very progressive guys such as those at Vision Baits, Future Baits, Sticky Baits and a host of others, who are making the range of trustworthy readymade baits even more diverse and in a very competitive market But there is loads of room for any individual angler to exploit all kinds of information to do their own homemade thing with bait in order to cut costs.You might say there are many very well proven principles in terms of bait design and if you do not know these then how can you possibly make a successful homemade bait. But even if you do not know what some of these are just remember that everyone has certain gaps in their knowledge which can always offer further advantages to their baits. Well over all your homemade baits will catch fish; it is in developing the experience and the skills in designing baits that will tempt the big ones consistently that takes far more personal input but inevitably pays you back big-time! Literally no-one knows it all because bait design is a dynamite evolutionary process of feedback. It may be noticed that certain aspects of bait substances are very successful and yet scientifically speaking no bait boss that I have spoken with can explain this success scientifically accurately and speculation is all that is offered. It may be said that scientific absolutes in carp bait making do exist, but at the same time these kind of rules as it were can be bent or even broken! Fish are reactively learning beings whose strongest instinct is for survival. If they do not want to eat you perfectly round standard sized boilies, or you cannot catch big fish on various very popular pellets there are obvious reasons why not and less well known ones too. These reasons can all be part of your armoury in making your own baits totally unique so carp have literally never experienced you bait before and will have most the confidence in actually consuming it. Of course one of the greatest strategies in carp fishing is to pre-bait. Big numbers of high profile anglers do this all the time using shocking amounts of bait, )especially boilies which are so resilient and build-up in effects over time.) But not too many of us have the time nor resources nor inclination to bait up a water for as long as 3 months without even wetting a line in order to guarantee multiple big fish success.Fishing baits such as boilies vary widely in just how strongly they induce various feeding modes in carp as soon as they first enter the water. With some baits fish will be pulled in from a large area and with feed very intensively immediately. Other baits pull fish in more gradually and induce a more leisurely almost lazy feeding behaviour that can last for hours. Many other responses can occur and often with all kinds of homemade and readymade baits you see fish unwilling to leave a baited area, only leaving to bring back their friends which is great to watch as you imagine. Of course it may be that you do not even see a single fish nr even get a single liner at some waters during some sessions, just getting a hittable couple of bleeps or a screaming run right our of the blue. Confidence in your free baiting is a vitally important aspect in catching more fish as is far more of a delicate skill that the majority of anglers realise. The key in many ways is to sustain the levels of triggers and attractors in the water column to maintain favourably enthusiastic feeding behaviours that induce fish to pick up you hook baits more times than usual so they make more mistakes, get hooked more and produce more caught fish.Now for the money-saving bit! Yes you certainly can make a bait for just a couple of pounds but why not make a control bait first to measure and test your experimental baits against? This is a critical point because feedback is priceless in learning as fast as possible and you will always learn more by actually catching fish as opposed to not catching them! Bait that is not catching fish is wasted bait! This even applies to baits that pull fish really well into your swim but do not end up with you actually hooking fish successfully; they must work all the way to banked fish! With a control bait, as your bait-making knowledge and skills in choosing ingredients and so on improves, your confidence will always be high (and rightly so.)This is because you will always have a proven and reliable homemade control bait or a range of them that will keep on catching in all fishing situations all year round. True you can use a readymade bait as a control bait but this will not give you confidence in making your own baits and totally defeats the object of guaranteeing your baits are your own and will enable you to control every aspect about your fishing baits literally for life including all costs – in advance! Many years I have totalled-up the cost of all the ready baits compared to the costs of my homemade baits and noticed I had much more awareness and control over my costs in regards to homemade baits where I have justified every single ingredient, additives, liquid, extract, enhancer, palatant etc etc.Hook baits really do work when super-boosted and so hook baits are the thing you can focus your attention on when saving money. You can free bait with all kinds of cheap bait materials boosted with some choice more expensive ones. Pop-up baits are very successful although I do most of my fishing using critically-balanced and bottom baits. The main this is to negate the weight of your hook. The easiest thing to do is to begin with a readymade pop-up mix from a reputable company. You might add high or low levels of betaine or betaine HCL, from 1 or 4 grams or more per kilogram of base mix, or simply add none (adding it is best!). You might add a powdered palatant and fruit or fish or diary enhancers, or add none. You might add an amino acid complex or something similar, or add none. You might use flavoured oils, essential oils, an intense sweetener, or a flavour, or add none. You might just add a very potent powdered extract very rich in natural nutritional triggers, or add none but I certainly do recommend it. Perhaps you want to dye your bait green or red or black or white or coat it in a fluorescent gel to draw more attention to baits in turbid waters or night. (Note, much of the time, fish are feeding actively in turbid water clouded by their own activities!)Here is just a sample of a recipe something of the like you might wish to try:800 grams of Ccmoore fish meal pop-up mix.10 grams of Ccmoore de-fatted green-lipped mussel extract. 5 grams of Lactose B Plus Concentrate.5 grams of pure betaine.You could also add instead 200 grams of whatever alternative base mix or other ingredients etc you wish. You could add Ccmoore Feedstim XP powder or Ccmoore squid liver extract powder for example, or spirulina powder for instance to make you bait green and less easy for nuisance birds to spot. The options are endless for differentiating and adapting your baits for special effects and fishing situations to keep ahead of the fish and other competing baits in dynamic ways!Flavours are a big issue for many anglers. Some are far more productive than others. I have been doing very well using a 50:50 mixture of Ccmoore crab Essence and their Frankfurter Essence for example. This is all just a very simple introduction but will most certainly catch you big fish! For masses more information on making quality cheap carp baits and addictive baits see my biography or visit my unique bait secrets ebooks site Baitbigfish now!By Tim Richardson.

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Tim Richardson is a homemade carp and catfish bait-maker, and proven big fish angler. His bait making and bait enhancing books / ebooks are even used by members of the British Carp Study Group for reference. View this dedicated bait secrets website now! 

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