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The Second Key to Accessing Your Intuition - by Joanna Lindenbaum

In a previous Soulful Coaching newsletter, we looked at the first step to accessing your intuition -Embracing Your Body. We learned that intuition is located in the body - it is literal body wisdom - and it is our job to reclaim the ways we have rejected or ignored our hands, our thighs, our hearts, on and on.

Now, we’re ready to move on to the next key to Accessing Your Intuition - Honoring Your Body. When was the last time you actually honored your body?

What I mean by that is this: when was the last time you thanked your eyes for helping you see the beautiful things around you? Thanked your legs for helping you get around? Thanked your belly and womb for helping re-nutrient your body and providing you with your women’s mysteries?How often do you take time to simply honor and love your body with gratitude, remembering how sacred and important it is?

In order for us to truly tap into our intuition, we must respect and honor our bodies, let our bodies know that we are ready to listen. Only then can we sink deep into our body’s wisdom to hear answers and get clarity about our lives.

Take Action - Honor Your Body!

1) Make 15 minutes just for yourself at home - Take time out of your day where you leave email and appointments behind and turn off the ringer for your phone. Perhaps you might want to light some candles or put on some soothing and inspiring music to set the mood.

2) Honor and Thank Each Part of Your Body - Start with your toes. You can either rub an essential oil of your choice into your toes or simply gently massage them. Work your way up your body to your feet, ankles, shins, and so on. As you pay loving attention to each body part, thank it for what it has done for you. For example: “Thank you thighs for helping me workout today” or “Thank you fingers for allowing me to write my poetry” or “Thank you heart for letting me love so deeply” or “Thank you throat for letting me have a voice in the world.”

3) Bless Yourself - After you have honored each particular part of your body, take a few more moments just for you. Stand up tall and straight. Close your eyes. Place one hand on your belly and one hand on your heart and simply breathe into your body. Say a short blessing or wish for yourself.
And then, just enjoy the gift you’ve given yourself! Next time we’ll look at the third key to accessing your intuition: Asking for Clarity!


Joanna Lindenbaum, M.A., has 12 years of teaching and coaching experience. Her coaching invites women to think bigger, to embrace their power, to create more compelling and exciting goals for themselves, to become leaders, to connect to their intuition, to open their hearts, and to make it a practice of remembering how special and important they are. By activating this inner wisdom, Joanna helps her clients achieve extraordinary success in business, career, and life. Sign up for Joanna's complimentary "How to Overcome the 5 Most Common Obstacles to Soul-Centered Success" at http://soulfulcoach.com/ecourse.php.

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