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Carp Bait Making for Very Cheap Baits And Great Money-Savings! - by Tim F. Richardson

We all want to save money on that carp fishing essential and making it yourself is a great way to do it. But if you think it is a second-best option remember that the leaders in the bait business all started out in the kitchen and most made their names famous working from their own kitchens so read on and get some very effective bait-making tips!First you need to throw out preconceptions about baits, recipes, optimum nutritional values of bait and so on. This bait will be quick to make, very easy and simple and catch loads of big fish against competing commercial readymade baits. You can build it up with whatever cheap ingredients you want because this bait is working on just a few very potent natural carp feeding triggers that are outstanding!Of course you could just get a commercial base mix and bulk that up but that is taking half the fun away and means your bait is not as new or unique as perhaps it could be for great results on a bait that is totally unique to you and you alone!So for instance, get yourself some carp pellet and if you have a grinder them grind it up and use this as the bulk of your base mix. The lazy way is to use halibut pellet powder or trout pellet powder but these are designed for salmonids and not carp and as such contain more lipids than carp require which is not strictly a beneficial thing where lipids are over-used via salmonids pellets etc in so many carp waters today!Just add say 30 percent of full fat yellow semolina to your mix alongside eggs to ensure practical binding. Or get some yellow semolina, maize flour, and soya flour with perhaps some yeast powders and mix these with a 25 percent rate of each. Preferably you will add a supplement such as Ccmoore Cyprivit to boost nutritional value and nutritional stimulation and I suggest you include a very well proven source of feeding triggers like fermented shrimp powder, or spirulina powder, or kelp or Belachan. Just using one of these will make all the difference to your results! Using concentrated flavours can boost attraction of bait but relatively few of them are directly effective at triggering repeated bait consumption however many with natural fermentation bye-products and natural extracts do trigger feeding. (You can make your own very unique flavours using many methods and they do not necessarily have to resemble those concentrated flavours most anglers are most familiar with; try warm Minamino mixed with squid powder, or Belachan or liquid yeast and betaine for example.) Ccmoore have a range of natural feeding trigger-packed powdered additives and ingredients and liquid foods which will give you all the options you need for endless cheap but very effective confidence-boosting baits and ground baits. For instance they also offer powdered Corn steep liquor, powdered Feedstim XP, molasses meal, halibut pellets powder, squid powders (extra special) crushed hemp, bread crumb, fish meals, proprietary base mixes like the incredible Odyssey, Meteor and Live System and many other products suitable for extremely effective cheap homemade baits! It is useful to remember that using the powdered as well as the liquid form of any of many proven products will very effectively boost the longer-term performance of your bait the longer the time it is in the water. The same applies to many liquid and powdered flavours. One additive I recommend is Ccmoore lactose B plus concentrate; a combination of milk sugars and outstanding sweeteners. (That is all that I know about it so far and it is simply addictive to human and carp senses.) This products has an outstanding record in many bait formulas and not just the usual milk protein, bird food or 50:50 type ones either!A vitamin and liquid food-boosted 50:50 mix is cheap, has soluble nutritional attraction, and is far better than just the basic soya flour and semolina boilie or paste base mix and will even give better results over time provided you do indeed include a generous level of those so vital nutritional feeding trigger-containing ingredients like those already mentioned. If you want a good idea for a paste, simply add Ccmoore Liquid Super Slop to a boilies base mix at a rate of 100 milliters per kilogram or more; it is simply brilliant and improves catches not end! (Add Feedstim XP for even more confidence!)If you want a bait that is absolutely going to get you runs why not get some Ccmoore pellets (incredible in regards nutritional attraction and digestion conversion!) Or maybe get some halibut pellets, boosted with the outstanding super pure grade of Ccmoore betaine. Add to them some Ccmoore Canthax Red pellets, Milkimin pellets and Amino Green 365 pellets and perhaps Belechan or shrimp pellets for instance. Just mix them together and grind them up. Add eggs or some egg powder or egg albumin plus whey gel for instance to bind the bait, (and allow for more vital liquid foods to be added) and you will have really great baits; however they will not be of your own design!The world of bait making is both exciting and rewarding; frequently new homemade baits catch some of the biggest carp in a fishery because they have those crucial edges over conditioned carp suspicions and enough nutritional reasons to entice carp to repeatedly consume them (and not merely just sample them!) Good luck in your bait making endeavours! Your efforts will seriously pay off big-time and if you need more information on homemade bait making; either based on conventional HNV principles, attractor baits or other alternative approaches, see my proven big carp (also catfish) bait secrets ebooks series at Baitbigfish on Google!By Tim Richardson.

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Tim Richardson is a homemade carp and catfish bait-maker, and proven big fish angler. His bait making and bait enhancing books / ebooks are even used by members of the British Carp Study Group for reference. View this dedicated bait secrets website now! 

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