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Are You Facing An Energy Crisis? - by Jerry Ryan, Ph.D.

In order to perform all the functions of life, our physical bodies use a variety of energy forms. The most common energy used is derived from the food that we eat each day. The variety of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats that make up our daily diet are processed by our digestive system and converted into energy that can be used at the cellular level. The metabolic energy contained in foods varies from food type to food type. Some foods contain components necessary for repairing the cells. Some foods contain ingredients that are needed for regenerating replacement cells for those that are dying. But the majority of our food is converted to chemical energy that is used by our body to perform its day-to-day activities.


The second form of energy that is used by our physical bodies is electrical energy. Action within the human body is caused by a transfer of information from one location to another. The line of transmission that is used is primarily our nervous system. The transmission itself is achieved by firing of electrical impulses from nerve to nerve. Although there are thousands of electrical impulses being fired at any given point in the day, there is a method of prioritization by the brain in order that it may address the most critical body needs prior to those that are less urgent. The more rapidly in nerve fires its signal, the higher the intensity that is perceived by the brain. If the firing rate of a nerve is slower, the brain interprets that signal as less serious. Research has shown that cells are similar to integrated circuits that are found in computers and other electronic devices. There is now a field of medical research known as bioelectronics that is studying the cellular information transmission systems.


Light is the third form of energy that our body uses to communicate information. Each of the cells in our body puts out a small pulsation of light. Although it is extremely weak, these pulses of light are measurable in the ultraviolet range. Researchers have found that the small bursts of light emitted by living cells increases when a poison has been introduced to the cell culture. An experiment performed by Russian scientists almost fifty years ago demonstrated how the ultraviolet light pulsations transmit information across a distance. Cell cultures were placed in separate quartz Petri dishes placed side by side and a toxic substance was added to one of the Petri dishes. Both cultures died. When an identical set of cultures were placed in glass Petri dishes and the experiment was repeated, all in the culture that contained the poisonous substance died. Because ultraviolet light passes through quartz but not glass, these results suggested the transfer of information between the two cell cultures that resulted in cellular death for both was transmitted by ultraviolet light emitted from the cells.


        To get the best performance possible from your body, it is important to take care of all the energy needs. Proper nutrition, exercise, and exposure to the sun are necessary to recharge your batteries that are drained by the daily stresses of life. If your energy level is down and you feel like your batteries are drained, try recharging your diet, your workout plan, and your time in the sun.

Jerry Ryan, Ph.D. is a Natural Health Coach who teaches individuals and group classes on the scientifically documented benefits of natural health techniques.  He is also an internationally published author and has been a guest speaker at such places as NIKE World Headquarters.  For more information, his website is http://www.JerryRyanPhD.com

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