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There Is Absolutely Nothing New In Carp Bait! - by Tim F. Richardson

This is a laughably arrogant headline-grabbing title found on the March 2009 front page of a prominent UK monthly carp fishing magazine. Does this person have a point? He has already stated flavours do not work; such an obviously deluded statement - so just how far from real actuality is this entity who seems to think he is the leading fish scientist ever on this planet?Firstly anyone who has ever caught a carp on anything less than a complex high nutritional value bait (sorted for first and second limiting amino acids so it contains optimums of essential amino acids for carp,) will know carp are trained by anglers for both positive and negative behavioural effects. (And the wariest carp can fall to a bait with zero food signal or hormones of any kind; carp are acutely sensitive to changes in their environment and will actively investigate anything new whether food or not and they do not need it to glow in the dark to detect it either!) It is sometimes seems like some carp bait makers think carp are just a bunch of nutrients hung together by electrical fields and not the supremely adapted dynamically learning and actively evolving creatures they really are.Sure anyone can mass bait pretty much any bait and get a hit of fish for a limited time, but after being hooked enough times any HNV bait will not have the edge this super bait is supposed to have. Anyway, if HNV baits were really so great anglers using them would all be catching 10 times the amount of carp anglers using instant attractor and fake baits often do. In fact much of the time the design of nutritional baits incorporates aspects of instant baits at the same time; and are not NHV baits also instant baits if they catch on the first cast too?There seems to be a section of anglers usually those running bait companies, who seem to want to make bait making sound like rocket science to the degree that if a baits design does not sound like rocket science they basically appear to infer such baits won’t catch carp in the face of competing baits based on rocket science type design! Certainly many successful carp baits are based around amino acid attraction and feeding stimulation but these are are not the only effective triggers or manipulators of carp behaviours and this needs far more recognition! Just how many substances in your own readymade foods are used not for taste or smell but to get you hooked on them; and to get your systems hooked on them so leading to you wanting to eat more of them and therefore are habit-forming and even addictive in effect? Most of the time we are not even aware such substances are even used in our food at all, and never question food cravings of many kinds. Many of these substances are far from healthy and lead to diseases; alcohol is toxic and leads to brain cell death and liver damage among other effects yet very many humans are addicted to it and drink far beyond recommended so-called safe limits. It is obvious that the consumption of alcohol in humans millenia ago would historically not have occured naturally unless of course over-ripe friuts for instance were found on the ground in quantities; as in Autumn for example. But this situation would not occur every day all year round... The fact is things have changed so much in the last 30 years in carp fishing, that most of the nutritional factors that carp essentially need throughout the year are getting largely met by the large proportion of anglers baits. This means most angler’s baits have much less edges over competing baits than in previous decades. Note that it is frequently the case that in most carp waters, a range of nutritional carp baits are being eaten by carp simultaneously all the time in conjunction with natural food items which are often elevated in abundance due to the regular introduction of anglers free baits. When you think a little more about casein used in carp baits for decades and ponder its relative water insolubility and the particular difficulty carp have in digesting it without extra help from additional sources of enzymes, then other implications arise regarding its effectiveness beyond its naturally locked-up amino acid profile etc. In fact using a substance in a carp bait just to improve its attraction and feeding stimulation that that has very little if any available nutritional value to carp, is really something many protein HNV bait proponents would like to ignore altogether by the sounds of it. Impacting the palatial and throat receptor cells deliberately to induce better consumption of food is vitally important for many forms of baits but many of the substances producing this effect often have little impact beyond this. Most anglers know about coffee in baits but how many realise that Brazilian guarana has a similar hit that lasts twice as long as coffee? What about digestion? Nettle and ginger are used often in low levels and do the job of stimulating digestion without necessarily altering taste or smell. What about speeding passage of food? Everyone knows about hot curry powder but how and what makes it do this; do you know becuse it can be exploited and manipulated to far better specific effects. What about the impacts of using fennel, camomile and hop lupulin (an beer addictive element) to speed passage of food and rate of digestion? Such things are all in the realm of experimentation and refinement often with newly created substances designed for the food, aquaculture and pharmaceutical industry. What about the new production methods in the fileds of yeast and beneficial bacterial enzyme production and their use in baits? (There's not much new that is going on there then that can be exploited huh!)So you now have the modern carp fishing situation where the aim of bait is not just to get hooks in carp mouths but to out-compete the effects and impacts of competing baits, where any ethical edge can make all the difference. Designing baits just to cover nutritional vital needs of carp will not ensure it out-competes the effects and impacts of competing baits far from it; in fact far from it! Potent but low nutritional value baits will still impact on carp no matter how much HNV purists hate to admit it. Having personally tried fake baits such as rubber corn on special carp rigs with success, it is obvious that ultimately what matters is you and how you fish and you must consider that all possible carp sensory systems can be stimulated by our baits or very few. A carp might feed by sight or sound or by sensing unusual electrical activity in a specific spot in a swim or sense movement vibrations coming from moving baits and so on. But there is absolutely no doubt that inducing strongly excited carp feeding responses from your baits when used in conjunction with fake hook baitsif chosen, is far more effective than being fully dependant solely on singly fished fake baits in all situations!Now when some commercial bait maker claims flavours do not work, and proclaims that there is absolutely nothing new in carp bait you just know that old saying is applicable; pride come before a fall (usually a big one!) I bet this amino acid di-peptide hypnotised narrow-mined genius will research the cumulatively addictive effects of sugars upon DNA; now it has been stated here. (Although I have a feeling his fear of being wrong and unbridled ego will prevent this.)No-one seriously thinks hemp would be the super carp bait it is based purely on its amino acid profile and lipid qualities. There is far more going on including live enzymes and very potent bioactive substances. When things work together not just with themselves but within a natural organism things can get very potent indeed despite on the surface not being special at all; many flavours do not impact on carp response systems, but some of their key components when inside the fish and ingested repeatedly can induce powerful effects and even biological changes such as chemical hormone mood and behaviour changes and even DNA alterations over enough exposure time. Humans are just the same as carp because we both are programmed to survive by taking the easy routes to our energy. If it comes in predigested fish protein bait ingredients, or whey protein energy bar form, or peanuts snacks, crisps or chocolate bar form it does not matter; we both adapt to seek the most energy efficient food items most readily available in our environments. The human obesity epidemic today is as much related to the affordable availability and time to eat carbohydrate foods mainly rich in sugars and wheat flour and to a lesser degree in saturated and other fat forms. The protruding livers of many carp today plus the huge numbers with unnaturally large fat distorted bellies, echo such behaviours and negative impacts.The fact is where food is abundant instant energy forms of food that spike blood sugar levels get to be addictive. The thought of eating food items, that provide nutrients we need to keep us healthy such as key minerals and trace elements and essential amino acids are far less instinctively important compared to getting that instant energy hit. Yes it may be true that when fat and other stored energy reserves are low such as when someone is lost in a jungle for 2 weeks, and then possibly dreams of amino acid rich burgers will dominate thoughts! Yes it is a fact that without the essential amino acids, processes such as cellular respiration and even digestion itself by acid or alkali digestive enzymes, will start to fail. Natural systems often involve a cascade effect when they begin to fail because they are inter-connected and in essence operate as one whole; just as unsustainable and unbalanced human commercial and domestic activities impact so drastically on sea temperatures and weather systems of this planet. This is also why using especially potent drugs help humans re-balance diseases; and so enable the body to cure itself. This is also why the use of any of a multitude of new potently bioactive substances in carp baits will be so effective. Sure bioactives such as tomato carotenoids like lycopene, chilli pepper capsaicinoids, black pepper piperines and garlic allicin are used by commercial and homemade bait makers everywhere. Many other antioxidants and metabolism stimulants, probiotics, prebiotics and many other forms and effects of these and other substances that promote improved carp energy efficiency and digestion, better organ functioning, better performance of high density lipoproteins and fat metabolism for energy, more balanced health, and better carp growth, are already very well proven in carp baits.But who knows what commercial secrets and as yet unknown to science, substances exist?! The fact is there are natural cures to diseases being lost every day because plants are going extinct which have not even been discovered yet. But who am I to argue that there really is always something potentially new to be found for very effective use in carp baits? After all, should I not bow down to someone else’s opinion because he runs a bait company? I have relatives who are professors in various areas including quantum physics and cancer research including international research into antioxidant potencies and applications. I have other relatives who went to Oxford and Cambridge Universities and have even been banqueted by royalty during their careers. I know first-hand as a result of this contact with them just how so-called educated people can be afraid of being ignorant or even wrong and it happens all the time. Scientists are always having to adjust their theories and so many scientific absolutes; and science being the new religion is the reference point we now use that provides any rational meaning to our reality. Unfortunately our present technology simply has not evolved sufficiently to measure things to truly absolute levels and probably will not for a very long time to come (if at all!) Of course science is about proving possible events and outcomes by repetition of results and this practice has flaws too; in the act of doing something you become part of the process also and present another variable. In fact there are so many pertinent experiments that cannot be carried out due to scientific limitations it makes you wonder at times if science has anything right at all.Many carp anglers and bait makers make grand claims about their tank tests results when testing ther baits. It is quite hilarious how they put various substances into a tank inevitably with what are really adolescent carp and not the mature older specimens we are really aiming to catch anyway (and with different nutritional requirements.) A lot of what you might read about carp anglers conclusions about bait and carp is based on tank tests from Israel, Japan or the States where one or more variables are not accounted for nor even stated in the abstract or journal article! For example, this might be what the pH or temperature of tested water was, or the actual locations and activities of scientists around the tanks and fish themselves and how this might well impact on fish behaviours, feeding and stress levels etc. Real fishing waters with carp are very often full of background chemical clutter like ammonia and many dissolved minerals and acids of many forms and these must all be taken into account too. I have noticed it is very easy for one scientist to have a totally different interpretation of scientific data results from another scientist. Much comes down to quality of personal mind-mapping, previous experience and knowledge of the situation which will obviously bias the way results are interpreted; just like doctors not conferring over the same symptoms; so giving different diagnoses. But very often, results are presented in language or formats that make it possible for them to interpreted in various ways and even misinterpreted or skewed for various effects. My partner who happens to be a PhD biochemist and law graduate and court transcriber has noticed the degree to which evidence can be presented to particular effect for various purposes. Much can be added or lost in translation! When someone who has letters behind their name (or not in the case of our non-scientist absolutely nothing new friend,) tells you something is a scientific absolute I tend to take it all with a pinch of salt. For anyone who doubt me, look up the laws of gravity and then find the phenomenon known as the Hutchison Effect where milk can float up into the air (leaving its container behind...) Everyone knows Einstein was wrong in very many things the world took as scientific absolute; he even admitted it later in life! Science does not know what it does not know and everything is not necessarily logical Jim... I am as sceptical as anyone else when it comes to upsetting paradigms of what the world is and how it works because doing that is rather unsettling to your safe interpretation of reality! But I prefer if possible to draw my conclusions from first hand experience.I never expected to end up accurately drawing and describing in detail a dead (and buried) ghost cat, (which stroked my face,) and somehow showed me images of where it was buried and used to sleep; while I was just an observer at a class for psychical studies. The ex-owner of this cat was so relieved with my shocking revelation; she had tried every available and prominent medium at Stanstead College; to gain contact with her dead cat; and I’m no psychic medium. I mean you would expect a dead granny or something but a cat is impossible right?! But of course extra sensory perception (ESP,) is just a myth; proposed only by frauds and con-men and existing only as a carp brand name! As a trained horticultural grower, to see a Radish seed sprouting rapidly on someones palm right in front of my own eyes as Uri Geller looked on was not logical; germinating seeds require certain fixed absolute conditions surely. Maybe such scientific anomalies have similarities to such things as the genetically manipulated multiplication of grass chlorophyll levels in a meadow in France during the Eighties. Is chlorophyll effective in carp baits; what do you think and what can you think of that is especially rich in it?!Strange unknown forces caused unbelievable impossible rates of growth of totally fresh green grass (over just a couple of hours,) in a winter meadow of otherwise frost-damaged yellow and dead grass. But even more notable was that this meadow was where a UFO had recently apparently been observed on the ground. Now I used to think all this stuff was completely the realm of science fiction, but take a look at an Arthur C. Clarke novel and you will be surprised at so much accurate prophesy found therein. This famous author was in contact with leading astronauts and Nobel peace prize-winning scientists but his books went so much further than present reality as it has been known. A Space Odyssey is just one example. Odyssey is the name of the top carp bait from Ccmoore and it very much conjures up the journey of discovery in carp bait making as opposed to the absolute limitation of a commercial bait named like a racing car or impotent first generation carp!I once called the world famous psychic healer Mathew Manning and received an answer phone message. But the date this message was left was 2 days before I even called him and before I even had the idea to call him; mmm... When the unexplainable happens it obviously means we cannot know everything yet! New explainable science is always treated as magic by the ignorant and brings up emotions of shock and even of fear!I was very fortunate to be able to speak to a Harvard-trained and sponsored scientist in the States who is now banished from the mainstream scientific world. He was one of the most the most gifted and promising scientists ever in the realms of genetic research. So what got him excluded from continuing his study and research programmes? He actually did what the major companies did not want; he invented and proved a formula for actually stopping DNA degeneration of skin cells. (This is what causes skin aging and solar radiation is just one obvious cause, but unhealthy sugar-rich omega poor diets are also prime causes!) But then who says big companies offer true value and quality for money. Is not the purpose of many a company to make money by providing products which simply prolong or even increase the need for those products? Hospitals and doctors have been buying effective generic drugs for years to avoid the rip-off prices of the branded products - whose claims of over-pricing to cover research costs equals those of the petroleum industry for stupendous greed!Of course you will very likely never have heard of this let alone dreamt it was possible and the pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies will never let the secret out! Why; because it will bankrupt them and make their skin products completely obsolete! They have been selling a lie for over 15 years with claims of buyers getting younger skin with all their creams. All the while there exists the real thing snuffed-out by death threats and personal and employment blacklisting no less! No-one dare fund this scientist now. But who would if your family is going to be threatened by doing it? It makes you wonder what else is being hidden. After all what about the original Nicola Tesla inventions such as the electric motor and alternating current. These transformed the world forever but look how Tesla has been written out of the history books in favour non-immigrant Thomas Edison. This iconic famous inventor, who discovered a thousand way how not to invent the (now obsolete) incandescent light bulb, was an inferior competitor to Tesla; who actually claimed Teslas patents were his own! This grand deception was confirmed by the American Supreme Court after Teslas death Edison was finally proven for the jealous and desperate fraud he really was. As for me I’m off to catch some carp on mulberries and goose droppings, or maybe seaweed with that fifth umami flavour, (oh but of course I forgot; flavours do not work do they - glutamic acid being one I suppose? Or maybe I’ll just be using something new when making my carp bait; it is not impossible as I have a friend who formulated the first commercially available paste form koi food who really did come up with working results with professors at Exeter University. But just remember it is not the bait that catches fish – it is you! Read on for details of some very unique bait secrets ebooks that will make you think much more about successful carp fishing...By Tim Richardson.

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