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15 Carp Fishing Bait Tips For More Big Fish And Homemade Baits! - by Tim F. Richardson

Carp fishing gets more competitive every year so you need tricks to give you the edge over competing anglers and their baits and methods. Here are a number of well-proven big fish tactics and tricks and some deeper just as instant home truths about baits; their true effects on carp, and how much they are under-exploited by the majority of carp anglers!When you think about carp fishing, after location and a sharp hook you might consider bait to be a less important factor; well I disagree; I’ve seen big carp caught on the crudest of rigs on the bluntest of hooks possible on outrageously thick nylon line and certainly fished in places seemingly totally devoid of any fish. But the factor that really did get the fish on the hook was the bait. In fact I have gone as far as testing numerous hooks, rigs, (very thick hook links and big heavy hooks too,) and what makes the most difference is the bait recipe employed; the fish response to this has proven to over-ride other considerations to the degree they are pretty secondary.When testing one friends successful ground bait mix by feeding fish 3 versions of it in a stock pond at Horseshoe Lake the difference between the carp responses to his bait and my 2 new versions were staggering. In fact my friend was a bailiff and was a top rod on that lake using his own recipe of homemade spod mix. But when introduced to stock pond carp beside my versions of his own spod mix, his mix was completely ignored and was left untouched, and meanwhile carp actually head-butted the bottom in search of the other new versions, (this was even after they had all been consumed!)To say this experience shocked my friend was an understatement, because here was his successful bait being totally ignored in the presence of another competing bait. I knew the feeding response to the new homemade spod versions would be very exciting but had not considered they would actually lead to the complete failure of the original version to even get a single a response from roach or tench in the area around the baits! If you have ever fished beside someone who is hauling and you cannot get a bite on your previously successful bait then you might well ask yourself what is going on with your bait (or not) in respect of their internal impacts on carp; are they really doing their job to maximum efficiency?!Bait is supposed to trigger a feeding response in order to get a hook into a fishes mouths, but for various reasons this obviously is not so straight forward in reality as carp dynamically learn in response to danger of being hooked on recognisable baits and bait substances and so on. Many times carp will eat free baits but identify and ignore hook baits entirely, if not mark them as dangerous, even fanning them to one side out of harms way and even silently communicating to other carp the dangerous nature of suspicious baits perhaps by hormones and body postures and movements etc.Those big and smaller wary carp we all really want often respond best to baits that are new especially if they contain levels and combinations of substances not familiar or completely new to them and this especially is where homemade baits and ground baits very seriously score!What you can do with your own baits is amazing because you can control precisely how you wish to trigger feeding responses among many other things too. You can make homemade baits with far higher levels of feed triggering substances which without over-powering the baits with induce maximum concentrations of stimulatory substances in the waters and at carp sensory cells that lead to a strong confident feeding response. It is obvious that betaine in various forms contribute to the taking back of baits more positively to the back of the mouth to be swallowed and to the repeated consumption of baits. Just the popularity of one substance such as betaine or GLM shows that one substance that carp are naturally highly stimulated by can have a big improvement in catches, but there are many other substances to exploit in many various ways. Just as betaine and corn steep liquor (CSL) are used in powder and soluble liquid forms you can apply this to a vast multitude of other substances you might never have considered before. The successful permutations and combinations are truly endless always keeping you ahead of those ever changing and adapting carp.Carp bait success in many ways is about the efficient maintenance of a concentration of feeding triggers and attractors etc around your hook baits. Anyone who fishes with glugged broken boilies in glug-filled PVA bags, and compares their catch results to using whole readymade baits straight from the bag (and used alone in PVA bags,) will be shocked by the difference! But perhaps the most sobering thought about making your own homemade baits and ground baits is not just the impact they can have versus popular conventional baits, but the degree you can control their cost and produce incredibly effective baits to your own recipes, with far higher levels of potent ingredients than bait companies can offer profitably! Read on for my unique homemade bait and fishing bait secrets ebooks...By Tim Richardson.

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Tim Richardson is a homemade carp and catfish bait-maker, and proven big fish angler. His bait making and bait enhancing books / ebooks are even used by members of the British Carp Study Group for reference. View this dedicated bait secrets website now! 

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