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Easy Carp Bait Making That Saves You A Fortune! - by Tim F. Richardson

If you consistently buy readymade bait and have never added up your yearly costs then you are in for a very big shock. But what can you do to avoid such a drain on all your hard-earned money? Making your own bait this year will seriously give you huge edges, great catches, and save you loads of money; so read on and reap big rewards!Most of my 32 plus years of carp fishing have entailed making my own baits. This has mainly been out of necessity rather than choice. For instance, in the 1970s I would go to the local supermarket, chemist and pet shop and get semolina and white wheat flour, corn flour, rice flour, eggs, marmite, various flavourings and condiments, custard powder, particles, body-building proteins and so on, in order to make a variety of homemade baits. Doing this early on really helped over the years in being able to catch as many big carp as most of my fellow anglers, by using very cheap homemade baits instead of their expensive readymade boilie and pellet baits.Over all the years one thing has been very clear. You do not need expensive baits to catch big carp or to catch numbers of them consistently either. But like anything in life, you need to know just the right key knowledge to be able to become skilled enough to be consistently successful, and I estimate probably 90 percent of all my homemade baits produced fish on first introduction; some by adapting their uses! The important thing needed to do this successfully yourself is an open mind and having the willingness to improve, plus having the courage needed to take risks and do your own thing and experiment despite your mates dumb comments (don’t worry; you’ll show them!)The majority of carp anglers rarely truly do their own thing; instead they appear to have an incredible need for second-hand information from so-called big-name anglers with a high profile, usually owning a tackle company or with a sponsoring bait or tackle company. The fact is when you yourself have made your own bait, nobody is ever going to catch your target fish before you have which will very possibly ruin your chances plus unique new baits very frequently catch-out the biggest most wary fish in a water often pretty quickly! It’s like beginners luck; where a new angler on a so-called hard water comes along and fishes a new bait using a new method in an unpopular swim and has an incredible catch on their first visit...Obviously there are many aspects of bait design and bait making that may be learnt. But remember I began making effective baits with supermarket ingredients that everyone can get hold of and easily use in an effective and very cheap bait. I know anglers are in need of one basic thing most of the time, and that is having sufficient faith and confidence in their bait. Now you tell me this; is an angler going to be more confident using an expensive bait already hammered by the masses on his water but recommended by big name anglers, or will he be more confident (and richer) using a carp bait he himself designed, knowing exactly is included and how it works on carp to influence and manipulate their feeding behaviour? It is rare to find any angler on the average day ticket or syndicate lake these days who actually knows exactly what is in his bait and knows how it works specifically. This is really crazy because without such knowledge you are completely at the mercy of whatever second-hand material on all those expensive readymade boilies and you might see in adverts and so on. Because of this many carp anglers are like leaves blowing about in the wind and following any new trend or fashionable bait or method that is flavour of the month in this months magazines for example. How many times do angler still ask the incredible example of what I’m trying to illustrate here i.e.: What bait (usually flavour) are you using mate? I fished one water in particular where this kind of questioning was rife. What is going on when someone asks you what bait or flavours you are using? Most of the time it is simply most carp anglers ignorance of bait-related aspects of fish senses, internal and external workings, and bait impacts on all these and the water itself that leaves them totally at the mercy of all those adverts and second-hand recommendations I mentioned earlier. These can promote the mindset of an over-blown expectation of instant results on readymade baits; as illustrated by of big name trophy shots, which when not materialising for average carp anglers most commonly leads to the instantaneous rejection of this thus far unsuccessful bait in favour of another one.Knowing enough of the right information on fish senses can really place you in a very strong position in regards the rest of your carp fishing years. With this knowledge you can make the most of any homemade or readymade carp bait and exploit them to their maximum potential. In fact one of the most important aspects of carp baits today is getting carp to take your bait regardless of what amounts of competing baits of varying qualities, properties and levels of stimulation etc present during typical carp fishing session. Having the ability to make your own baits can be just the same as giving someone a machine gun as opposed to a bow and arrow. This is because the options for adaptation in your fishing and ability to proactively create your own success by leveraging carp senses and angler-manipulated carp behaviours against themselves become legion. Did you know you can easily make a variety of really successful baits with just as few as just 2 or 3 ingredients in recipes that will catch big carp from most waters in the land?How many anglers realise that much of the reason carp end up in the papers caught on a popular readymade bait is that most of the free bait in a lake has gone in the same popular places where most of the anglers fish most of the time; and so where the vast majority of the carp get caught. One big question is: Just how many carp did the average carp angler catch on this popular bait in a season compared to the top rods on the lake using it. So-called top rods, the guys catching the most fish come in many forms but can differ from your average carp angler dramatically in some key respects. One is that more and more anglers purely fish for results, not for the scenery or even enjoyment and de-stressing effects of being in a natural place; at a natural oasis away from the madness of a human-dominated depression-hit world. The anglers fishing just for results mostly have a financial motive for their activities and may even run fishing or bait companies themselves. Enterprising anglers such as these often ensure they have all the bait and time and advance intelligence on waters, baits, swims, spots, rigs, timing, conditions, moon phases, air pressure changes and directions and temperatures, effects of fishing pressure and, line angles and fishing pressure from other anglers and everything else to guarantee eventual success. Plus they may be more skilled (or not as anglers) and are often provided with free or discounted bait for the purpose of promoting it for a company. But the average carp angler has to fish when he can; usually weekend sessions, and pay the standard rates for readymade bait. To succeed with limited bait and limited time against those with more time and bait and receiving quality intelligence on a water, you usually need to be a better angler in any one or more of the various skills areas. Such skills areas like reading the water and fish location, actually approaching and fishing a swim in just the right ways for whatever fishing situation and creating your own opportunities, or even plain old casting accuracy or this combined with long-casting skills. But one area of skill that really can make all the difference is being able to create a baiting situation and fish-feeding behaviour manipulating scenario again and again better than most other anglers. Again this comes very much down to your knowledge of fish senses for instance, linked to bait ingredients and how they impact on carp senses, and knowing how to exploit these things in many various situations. To my mind, the greatest anglers whether well-known or not mostly have leaned this ability to a very high level over many years.But how do you start to get towards this kind of mastery of fish behaviour manipulation anyway. After all, why not simply go out in a boat and dump a 20 kilogram bag of halibut pellets over the side?! Well of course this would prove extremely counter-productive and would severely reduce catches were everyone to do this and end up damaging the fish’s health with such excessive baiting and may even reduce water quality of some waters. But of course, most of us know that simply dumping pellets into a water will not give you all those big fish you have been dreaming of because they just are not that stupid if they have been caught on such baits in the past.However you will find that this does not mean that carp are not gulping down mouthfuls of pellets used as free baits all around the UK while leaving those nasty hook baits all alone. Imagine now that this year, you come along with your homemade bait maybe based on economical pellet powder for instance but containing additives and other substances in very unusual proportions or in new combinations or even using materials the fish have never experienced previously. Your personal and secret homemade bait might not have any of the characteristics of those original pellets that have lost their edge, except perhaps their nutritional content and attraction profile. But you will be exploiting the carp behaviours and senses that lead to them recognising feed-stimulatory substances within your bait that made them eat the pellets in the first place. (One especially big edge is to exploit conventional readymade baits with your own homemade ones!)But now, your bait is literally a different bait to the senses of the carp and therefore they have far less reason for suspicion of it; so truly raising your chances of achieving many more bites than by using pellets that carp are wary of.(I only used the halibut pellets example here as they are well-known.) Here is an example of the success of using your own economical homemade baits. On one water in the UK over the course of 15 months from spring 2005, I landed 10 completely different forty pound carp some of which were caught again totalling 15 for the period. The only angler with anywhere near similar results for this time used popular expensive readymade bait costing 13 pounds from the shops, plus halibut pellets. His bait bill was big of that there is no doubt. Yet the peculiar thing about his results despite regular fishing and changing swims was that he kept on catching the same 4 or 5 carp. I told him I’d caught mine on cheap homemade baits and ground baits, and yet he still did not understand the fact that my homemade approach was more successful at much less expense. But then maybe this was precisely why he could not bring himself to ask me about my homemade baits. Here was a very talented, committed and very experienced angler who would have achieved his goals in half the time (with half the costs in bait and expensive fishing tickets,) if he had actually appreciated the true power of bait knowledge when applied in action. Much is said about bait. But this comparison between a successful and experienced angler using popular expensive readymade baits, versus an average angler exploiting vital aspects of bait design and fish senses and digestion etc, proved that a unique bait can truly be a great leveller of fortune! (For information on unique carp bait fishing secrets ebooks read on...)By Tim Richardson.

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Tim Richardson is a homemade carp and catfish bait-maker, and proven big fish angler. His bait making and bait enhancing books / ebooks are even used by members of the British Carp Study Group for reference. View this dedicated bait secrets website now! 

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