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Improving Big Carp Baits And The Pulling Power Of Lecithins! - by Tim F. Richardson

Lecithins are a super food and a proven carp feeding trigger shown to enhance health in many ways. These are fantastic for improving your bait and ground bait performance especially in cold water conditions so read on!Most carp anglers probably have not even considered using lecithins in their baits and yet it can make a very serious difference especially when a bait contains oils. Oils can be made into an emulsion by lecithins. This helps your baits take on water better and so making your baits water soluble and liquid attractors disperse far more effectively into the water column and stimulating and drawing fish to your baits. (Adding Lecithins to your baits can make your baits more easily digested by carp; most especially in cold conditions!)The first contact I had with these super foods was seeing the health supplement collection used as by a retired couple about 25 years ago. They were using a solid form then. (They were also taking odourless garlic too.) These days a number of carp bait companies sell a liquid from lecithins and although there is more to these than the basic lecithins from soya beans, they can be a vital component. The addition of liquid lecithins can turn a good bait into an outstanding bait.As bait is really basically about energy and efficient energy supply in cold conditions especially, it is no surprise that lecithins are totally about energy and are a feeding trigger to carp. Without getting too scientific the most important ingredient in lecithins is phosphatidyl choline. This is an incredibly important compound to the body for many reasons. They improve the digestion of foods in various highly significant ways and of course, where carp are concerned this is just one outstanding benefit of using lecithins.Phosphatidyl choline (or PC,) is the most significant material from which cell membranes are made. You might wonder where our food is actually burned for energy and this occurs in every cell in the body this occur in energy factories as it were called mitochondria; again composed from PC.Choline itself is very important and is not the only substance vital to the body in making neurotransmitters that can be found in great carp bait ingredients! Lecithins are great in helping build energy and improve functions and roles of things in the body are to do with electrochemical activities and release of energy among other things essential to sustain life itself.Soya lecithin products have evolved greatly and so various forms have much greater benefits and effects. Obviously if you can apply a liquid lecithin that has a higher than usual level of PC this is a great edge to have in your armoury. Using such premium quality lecithins is going to be great in helping your carp digest and break down that most efficient of energy sources, i.e. fats (such as fish oils) giving them even more reason to keep on eating your baits again and again!Try a Google search for Carpfishingpellets for one such product; this is a dark very thick viscous slow flowing liquid that has a subtle soya smell. Having tried this product in conjunction with the pure salmon oil product and predigested salmon protein product available, I can say without any doubt it is a winner in every sense! I used this liquid lecithin from 10 to 30 grams per kilogram rate with these additives and the fish response to such treated baits has been outstanding!If you need any further encouragement regarding lecithins, just consider the potential when used with liquid yeast or liquid fish protein (LO30) or predigested salmon protein for instance. Used as part of a nutritionally stimulating boosting dips for pellets and boilies and even tiger nuts in winter, liquid lecithins are awesome!Talin liquid sweetener and butyric acid are also great additions for colder temperatures; Talin at 1 or 2 millilitres per kilogram of boilie bait mix and butyric acid even used at 1 or 2 drops per kilogram per kilogram of bait mix can turn a bite-less day into a successful one. There are many other successful edges to use and literally every one can make a big difference, especially when competing against other anglers baits...By Tim Richardson.

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Tim Richardson is a homemade carp and catfish bait-maker, and proven big fish angler. His bait making and bait enhancing books / ebooks are even used by members of the British Carp Study Group for reference. View this dedicated bait secrets website now! 

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