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Powerful Carp Baits For Your Best Season Ever Exploiting Magic Fungi! - by Tim F. Richardson

Unique and new baits and bait innovations multiply your catches and revitalise your results, of that there is no doubt! Here are some really great ideas to improve your results this year, so whether you use readymade baits or your own homemade baits do yourself a big fish favour and try them...Looking through all those shiny carp fishing magazines you see more and more these days, you come across many anglers different personalised thinking on baits and how to apply it. So much in magazines is orientated towards actual sales of products that it can be hard to get at deeper clues about bait that will help clarify things for you.The diversity of this material does not mean any of it is less valid or more right or wrong for anyone reading it of course; after all it is impossible to cater for everyone all at once. Helping your baits to perform consistently effectively against ever changing carp behaviours and so many other competing baits is a vital subject, some might say, even central to your success (once fish location and bait presentation have been refined.) Occasionally we hear about things called feeding triggers, fish stimulators, attractors, flavours, enhancers, oils, and so on, but it is easy to get lost in the world of brand names and generic terms that often mean very little to most anglers we meet. What I'm getting at here is that in the world of fishing bait it is frequently the case that a product is under-rated or even ignored despite it being truly awesome in effect, with the potential to transform results if applied. Mainly this state of affairs regarding the under-use of baits and helpful bait substance is simply due to human nature. It can be observed that the majority of anglers appear to think that following current fashions as set by high profile anglers is the safest way to go. But also this is because there is simply not enough information in terms of practical advice given on various practical applications and uses that give most anglers the confidence to try things in new and innovative ways. Many anglers just want to put a bait on and fish, but carp fishing for very wary fish generally requires a little more than just that, and every single edge you can get can literally make all the difference and transform your catches completely. So perhaps what we need here is a couple of tips that state very clearly what can improve your baits and why.You may be more in favour of natural extracts in your baits than flavours. The irony is that very many of the more modern and successful flavours actually contain the most potent bioactive fraction from the natural substance that does the job of inducing a feeding response from carp. There is obviously something very important going on with butyric acid for instance. Carp are very keen on proteins and their components as most of us know, but how many of us have linked the fact that given the correct conditions, butyric acid can be a product of protein fermentation, (I consider this to be highly significant?) Pre-digested foods are extremely important weapons in a carp angler's arsenal, right down to that surprisingly successful old bait you found in the bottom of your bag that had been predigested naturally by yeasts and bacteria. Even natural vanilla flavour as used originally to flavour chocolate and now one of the most in demand flavours in the world, was originally produced by the fermentation of vanilla beans (involving yeasts of course.) How many carp anglers have not used yeast powders and predigested yeast products with great success? Yeast is fungi and fungi is exceptionally high in protein! Both us humans and carp utilise the healthy yeast (and bacterial) balance in our guts, for many purposes, including more complete digestion of food and more energy efficient digestion, absorption and for the most effective utilisation of food; key to survival itself.Certain forms of fungi are the actual organisms that enable land plants to absorb nutrients and even water. These are constantly digesting and breaking down organic matter so releasing essential nutrients for all kinds of living organisms in forms they can use including very water-soluble and easily digested ones (very significant to us in baits!) The vitamin B supplied by yeasts is very important in the efficient release of energy in humans and in fish and vitamins are great attractors that carp have evolved like us to instinctively detect in very low levels. The minerals and salts yeasts provide are also very stimulatory and the taste enhancing fish feeding trigger glutamic acid is another great yeast bonus and there are many more. Everyone knows about the special properties of many non-lethal mushrooms so you can imagine how some culinaery varieties can be helpful regarding bioactive substances too. So you now have a little more of an idea about the importance of energy efficient foods, their potential impacts upon fish and links with yeasts, proteins and effective performance of our baits in water. Here are a couple of tips to help improve your catches, in this case involving yeast and yeast products (or bye-products.) Use alcohols in conventional and unconventional forms (what more is there to say?!)Try liquid yeast; for example use as a boilie or pellet bait soak.Try Marmite, Vegemite, as these fulfil many of the carp essential micro-nutrients requirements.Try baits packed with yeast powders, concentrated yeast powders and predigested yeast products.Try Fermented boilie, pellet and ground baits (with due care of course!)Try the Asian Belachan based products (and liquid versions.)Try the European fermented powdered shrimp products like that of Ccmoore for example.Various bait company dips are packed with highly stimulatory yeast derived products.Add corn steep liquor (live is especially good,) or various other sugars supplying ingredients and additives to baits and ground baits to encourage yeast fermentation.It may be noticed that when the old world record carp from Rainbow Lake was caught in May 2007 it was caught on Solar Byte boilies made from yeast, shrimp and tiger nuts fished over a bed of tuna. I'd hooked the same fish in 2005 using a bed of fermented whole and crushed mini tiger nuts steeped in aniseed oil and yeast bye-products among other things; fungi works!By Tim Richardson.

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Tim Richardson is a homemade carp and catfish bait-maker, and proven big fish angler. His bait making and bait enhancing books / ebooks are even used by members of the British Carp Study Group for reference. View this dedicated bait secrets website now! 

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