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Carp And Barbel Bait Making Made Simple Plus Recipes For Success! - by Tim F. Richardson

Many carp anglers also target barbel and both these hard fighting exciting fish can be caught on homemade baits with the same ingredients and effects. Certain ingredients are particularly successful for both so read on...Here are details of a beginner recipe for carp and barbel; this is not especially scientific at all and is based on making a pound of base mix; simply double everything to produce nearly a kilogram of mix instead:Mix all dry powders together thoroughly and mix the liquids and eggs separately before adding the powder to the liquids and eggs bit by bit to make a bait dough; baits can be used on a hair-rig as paste or boilies.You could start off with a bait that is simply 8 ounces of white or brown fishmeal or halibut (or other fish pellet powder,) with 4 ounces of semolina and 4 ounces of soya flour with 4 eggs, and 30 millilitres of trout and marine halibut pellet oil for instance.The bait mix below takes things a little further:4 ounces of semolina.4 ounces of soya flour.4 ounces of low temperature fish meal (e.g.LT94) or of trout or halibut pellet powder.Add a heaped teaspoon of sea salt or half an ounce per pound preferably of a specifically designed mineral, vitamin and trace elements source; such as Cyprivit from Ccmoore (per pound of dry bait powders.) This seriously boosts nutritional attraction and feeding stimulation both short and long-term!Add 2 ounces of blue cheese or parmesan powder per pound of bait. The yeast, salts, predigested proteins, flavours, aromas, butyric acid content and so, on make these cheese additives and ingredients very good particularly in low temperatures. Try Ccmoore for blue cheese powder; it’s cheaper than getting parmesan cheese from supermarkets! (When making a bait with cheese powders it is a great idea to add anchovy extract too from the supermarket or even better, Ccmoore supply a concentrated anchovy extract which is excellent; try half an ounce or an ounce and it can really boost things.)Add an ounce of garlic powder per pound of bait to your dry powders. You will find it is especially good in cold weather and it is packed with antioxidants which like wheatgerm, reduce blood cholesterol levels, and effect release of energy more efficiently for example. (Such effects are especially vital in low temperatures when fish are especially lethargic and generally unwilling to feed...) (Garlic salt in my opinion is not as effective as pure garlic powder teamed with Cyprivit or natural sea or rock salt because these are richer in nutritional stimulation.) Have you noticed people with a healthy heart and circulation system tend to be far more active and energetic? Countries where the diet includes high levels of antioxidants from fish oils, garlic, onion, and curry spices for example have much lower rates of heart disease. This is one of the most common diet related common killers in mankind to do with diet, excluding alcohol, (and smoking, among others.)Add 4 hen eggs.As a nutritional alternative you might add 2 ounces of purified blood meal and 2 ounces of whey protein concentrate instead of either the garlic, or the blue cheese powder for example; your fish will certainly notice these new additions.Add 20 to 30 millilitres of trout and halibut marine oil for warmer temperatures. Substitute this for 30 millilitres of liquid betaine if under about 15 or 16 degrees.Betaine is a potent feeding trigger which can literally turn off fish receptors in effect, if included at too high a rate; just like concentrated solvent based flavours. This is despite it being a naturally abundant substance; even we contain it and benefit from it nutritionally and in other healthy ways too. If you make a mistake with your mix, just add more base mix powders or more of your liquid mixture. I have even been known to simply add plain wheat flour, (or maize flour or semolina) and eggs, plus a little salt, into a bait mix gone wrong; perhaps when it was too sticky, runny, dry, crumbly or whatever. I then really remix the bait extremely thoroughly with whatever is needed whether dry powders or binding eggs and extra liquids; to be honest the fish do not seem to notice because these messed-up baits still catch!Having a bait mix go wrong at the mixing stage is a fact of life for everyone in experimentation whether you are just staring to make your own baits, or have been doing it over 30 years like me. When it happens to me when making homemade mixes (and even some doctored commercial mixes,) it is rarely if ever a disaster and such mixtures will catch even if not exactly the bait that was planned; some are even solutions to other bait and bait application problems. Crumbly baits and even sloppy baits have their uses of course! The liquid content of your bait is absolutely paramount and these are a bit like magnets charging up the water and lighting the way for fish not only to locate your baits but to even find them too irresistible to avoid consuming ravenously, in an already greatly excited state of mood! Using liquids in baits, ground baits, and particles, pastes, and even pellets and chunks of fish and meats etc, all offer you great opportunities to multiply the performance of your baits with liquids to multiply your catches. Even using just one liquid can make all the difference.The Ccmoore product called Feedstim XP has proven to be outstanding. Or you might choose to combine liquid lecithin, predigested salmon protein and pure salmon oil from Carpfishingpellets for instance. These examples are unique and are exceptionally well proven bait additions (and new to most fisheries at this time!)This bait will catch big carp and big barbel (and big catfish,) although adding Newfields Bait’s unique grade of green lipped mussel extract, or Ccmoore’s squid powder and marine amino compound, are extremely very productive and well proven too. Bait is so much more than it first appears and this simple bait mix is far from a truly balanced nutritional bait mix made to appeal to all fish senses and nutritional requirements. You might have noticed there is no added flavour in this particular bait but thinking again you will realise it is really flavour-packed. The ingredients and substances within this bait are all very well proven. Why not try it or at least a version of it and really enjoy a new personal best on your very own unique homemade bait...By Tim Richardson.

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Tim Richardson is a homemade carp and catfish bait-maker, and proven big fish angler. His bait making and bait enhancing books / ebooks are even used by members of the British Carp Study Group for reference. View this dedicated bait secrets website now! 

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