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Is Your Heart Helping You To Prosper Or Keeping You Poor? - by Heather Dominick

Just the other day I was walking to the subway in my New York City neighborhood and just as I approached a woman walking the other way, I sneezed. “Bless you”, she said. “Thank you”, I answered, as we passed.
Neither of us stopped or even slowed down (it’s New York, after all), but I smiled. Such a simple gesture; such a powerful impact.

This is the energy of your heart in action, your fourth energy point.

Most tend to miss, ignore, deny and avoid the energy of our heart. Constantly. Especially when it comes to building business. Yet, it’s where your brightest light and your darkest demons reside. It can soar
you to triumph or crash you into terror.

I believe it’s pretty safe to say that we’ve all been hurt at one time or another. The hurt doesn’t damage you, what you do with it does. We close our heart for protection and end up harming ourselves in the
process: you overwork to feel better, leave your relationships before they leave you and limit your financial income to what you've been told you're worth.

And if this lack of "heart healing" is going to show up anywhere - it will show up in your business. When you move an inspired idea into action through the birth of a business you are, in a way, wearing your heart on your sleeve. You are taking something that you feel so passionate about and moving into practical practice for the whole world to see. Some would say, "you better have tough skin; you better be ready for rejection."

This is what I say:

Prepare to open your heart. Wide.

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying “Do unto others as you would have done unto you”. This is true. I like to take it a step further. You get what you give and it starts with the energy of your heart. If you want to
resolve your issues with food, volunteer at a soup kitchen. Looking for a love relationship? Celebrate the love relationships that are around you; embrace wedding invitations. Want more money in your business? Give some away. And do it with grace.

Because the REAL key to the energy of the heart is no attachment to what you’ll get for giving.Your entrepreneurial strength, not your weakness, is in your open-heartedness. True prosperity is partnered with a deep sense of inner-peace. When you commit to living through the energy of your heart and allowing this spirit to move through your business, all you'll do is thrive.

Fear will never serve your business - Only Love.
Your EnergyRICH® Call To Action:
Here’s my coach's challenge, if you’ll accept it:

Write down one thing you really desire to have happen for yourself in your business.

Now write down something connected to this desire that you can give.

Next, write down at least one name of someone that you can give to – even if the name is ‘stranger’. Put this in action for at least one day.

Go for seven days and then thirty.

Email me the results.

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Heather Dominick is the creator of the EnergyRICH Success System®, the essence of her years of education, marketing training, and sales tools. Heather uses this proven step-by-step system to coach entrepreneurs by creating an energetic map to harness their energy once and for all. Her coaching philosophy is that an individual cannot “do” business, but needs to BE business at a holistic level that integrates thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. She calls this managing your energy. It's important that an entrepreneur do the inner and outer work necessary to activate this skill and belief in them. Only when you have activated this in you, can you fully and confidently present yourself and your business to others. That is what is at the heart of assisting individuals in making any outer changes in their businesses.

Heather's strengths include helping clients to articulate their businesses and life visions, and develop strategic execution plans to achieve these goals. Her primary focus is in helping entrepreneurs identify sources for increasing the productivity and profit of their businesses. She is an insightful accountability partner who helps her clients stay focused and motivated while growing, changing, and enhancing their businesses, successes, and lives.

Visit her online at http://www.energyrichcoach.com

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