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Addictive Carp Fishing Baits! - by Tim F. Richardson

When you use carp bait blind without knowing how it works you are using blind faith. In contrast, if you understood far more how and why key aspects of that bait induced bites and you had the power to manipulate these potent effects far more, then your catches will definitely improve far more than average anglers! Read on to find out more...Bait always involves confidence and indeed many anglers constantly doubt their bait because they do not understand how they truly work, except having very limited and even incorrect ideas or impressions about protein or flavours; as a result, many anglers are negative about certain baits, without even ever having used them personally! Confidence catches fish for many reasons because it makes you fish better and be sharper and more tuned-in and expectant of success, so you tend to do more things right at the right time, more often, but you can all the confidence in the world and still blank because of a lack of knowledge and understanding! Confidence is the thing that sells commercial readymade baits and anglers take second-hand opinions from so-called big-name anglers thinking they will emulate their success using the same bait, forgetting that many (not all) big-name anglers are the most skilled and talented anglers of their generation!But why would you need to know anything about bait; maybe you catch your share, maybe you know a range of baits that have worked on your waters previously that you can turn to. Well if you know little about carp vital senses and how to manipulate them to induce more takes you are missing out; big-time and it’s like using putting back on the shelf a flavour with 10 times the potency of anther because the packaging is less flashy, and choosing another flavour that you like the smell of, never realising how much it lacks compared to the other flavour... For instance, many anglers just think flavours are solvent based or natural, or nature-identical and pretty much all the same, but the actual definition of flavours in fishing are extremely diverse and some flavours like chilli compounds even stimulate carp senses more powerfully than usual pulling fish to your swim from ranges many other flavours fail to.Many secrets are hidden from our senses but uncovered very easily by a little messing about with baits and some very elementary science, for instance, many carp bait substances change when in water into different ones to those we experience as humans in air... Garlic releases that pungent smell when broken in air and we are all familiar with similar compounds from onions and chives for example. But the smells from garlic we associate with its success are not strictly accurate, as certain of the key chemicals do not get produced in water the same as in air, and this might suggest to some thinking anglers that far more is going on, perhaps on a more deeper level to do with the biology of the fish in response to bioactive garlic substances rather than just a smell or taste. Carp may be influenced far more profoundly by internal impacts on their bodies than a simple flavour or taste offers and many proteins are thermogenic involving extra releasing of energy, and salmon is a very successful example of this, but poultry too for instance, but bait ingredients and substances impact on the brain, some far more powerfully than others! I tried an experiment today by eating wheat-free biscuits and an wheat-free doughnut too! However, after even the first bite, even though ingredients were virtually the same as the wheat-containing biscuits and doughnuts (but for only one key aspect,) taking another bite was more of a pain than a pleasure. All those good sweeteners, taste-enhancers, fruit flavours etc should have made me want to eat more right, but they did not, because I had got used to expecting something else to happen that did not; a release of feel-good hormones in the brain... On eating the wheat-free foods I did not want to keep eating them and certainly Homer Simpson would have a shock if his doughnuts were wheat-free as there is something internally potent missing in them! Beyond all the flavours, sweeteners, enhancers and other goodies already added to those biscuits and doughnut (I say doughnut as I could only eat one,) something vital was missing. That missing substance that in wheat for example causes the release of feel-good hormones in the wheat-free foods was gone; and I really missed it even to the extent that I really did not want to eat any more without it! If you apply this to fishing, it is like using a bait with a flavour and sweetener, and fishing next to it a bait with the same ingredients exactly, but with that extra vital brain chemical releasing impact. Which food or bait will catch more fish and which might you go for preferentially?! As it is your brain the makes the decision for your body you may have no choice and you may have noticed that so many people over-eat wheat-based foods and store-up fat as a result despite this being far from a healthy thing to do; it’s natural drug-induced behaviour for sure, even though certain emotions are frequently still involved!Many foods are made with substances that further impact on the brain to eat you to eat it more because it means the producers make more money and you actually get into a habit of eating it, and finding foods without such habit-inducing chemicals can be quite a hard thing to do if you try to rid your diet, body and brain to become free from their influence! Think tiger nuts or peanuts; now these are not exactly the most packed nutritional foods on the planet, but even though hemp is a super food in its own right, it too has substances with brain influencing impacts. With a little practical consideration these aspects of bait ingredients, flavours etc, a few known (and many very little-known) substances and ingredients can really get you the edge over fish and other anglers competing baits! You can term it using habit-forming or addictive substances to manipulate fish behaviours or just call it good use of what a bait should really be – addictive! The bait secrets ebooks author offering this has much more to reveal to anglers wanting better baits and bigger catches; this article will certainly help you on your way... By Tim Richardson.

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Tim Richardson is a homemade carp and catfish bait-maker, and proven big fish angler. His bait making and bait enhancing books / ebooks are even used by members of the British Carp Study Group for reference. View this dedicated bait secrets website now! 

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