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Closely Guarded Energy-Secret for Greater Client Attraction...Tell Your Story - by Heather Dominick

I've dealt with a few criticisms about including my personal story on my website, but, more importantly for every skeptic I've had at least 10 people tell me how much they admire what I share and how it resonates with them (and those folks usually end up coaching with me). So why share your personal story? Because it's going to be one of the fastest, most genuine ways to connect with those people that you are meant to serve in your business.

My ideal clients are high-integrity healers, coaches, practitioners and entrepreneurs, who are really good at what they do, and are ready for more financial success in their own businesses. You want more money, free time, and to market from a place that feels good to you in your heart and soul. Developing your own self-marketing system helps you successfully be in your business, have more freedom, and piece of mind (it also helps you go to places much bigger than you had originally imagined). It's about doing what you love and still being able to spend time with family and friends, simple as that.

Part of building a business that is a JOY to you involves sharing with people who you are. I remember when I had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Deepak Chopra share messages on the Soul of Healing. He spoke about the power of a story as the key to communication.

The first example Dr. Chopra gave was to highlight how our consumer society is literally built on stories. All of our large corporations have marketing teams that come up with a story to sell. The examples Dr. Chopra gave were: Nike - the power of the urban hero, VW Bugs - the carefree life of the hippie and beatnik, Apple Computers - the independent hipster. Now whether these archetypal images were what the companies had intended (my sense is Dr. Chopra didn't have that inside information) I'm not sure, but I will tell you that everyone in that room could relate to what he was saying and my guess is you do, too.

The second example Dr. Chopra gave was to emphasize the power of the story to heal. He told a touching story about his own father as a young doctor while serving in the army was faced with a young soldier who had lost his voice. With thorough research the Senior Dr. Chopra had discovered that this young soldier had received news of his mother's death and when he had tried to tell his superiors they cut him off before he could even finish the sentence, "My mother ..." and his body shut down and his voice disappeared with it. When this young soldier was able to have his story heard, his voice returned.

This truly brought tears to my eyes. We all want to be heard.

The question then becomes, HOW do you use your story in your business? My answer? Tell it. You're a solo-entrepreneur so you don't have to hire a marketing team to "create you". You are you. Let the people who are going to do business with you KNOW you. This way you get to be you, do what you love and work with people who you love (because they already connect with you because you shared your story!) How great is that? No more "trying to sell" instead you get to BE your business and it happens more easily.

The key also becomes about them being able to share their own story and Dr. Chopra clearly showed the power of that. They'll get the results they are looking for that much more quickly because all the c*r*a*p will be out of the way. They'll also see that if you can be it - so can they. You are in business to make amazing things happen for people. So, share.

I know I can already hear the "but you can't do that in MY business!" You have to be very clear about who you are serving. The sharing of your story is absolutely applicable even if you have a more Corporate target market. But you'd do it differently. You might not talk about your personal pain, but you'd perhaps make yourself more open, more available, less dull and looking-like-everyone-else-humdrum. (I had a client who fought me on this and continued to get dripple and draps in advertising; changed gears and presto! 57% increase in sales.)

So what's been learned? Your story is beautiful. It's how you came to do what you do. Be willing to share it and you're on your way to more energy, more riches and a whole lot more joy in your business.

Your EnergyRICH® Call To Action:

1. Brainstorm how can you share a little bit more about you to create more of a connection, more belief in what you offer, more quickly.

2. How can you open up to hear the story of the people that you serve? Think a CEO doesn't want to share? Oh, think again! And see what happens ...

3. ... and then email me about it. I love to highlight Excelling EnergyRICH® Entrepreneurs: we'll share your story and you'll watch the business roll in!

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Heather Dominick is the creator of the EnergyRICH Success System®, the essence of her years of education, marketing training, and sales tools. Heather uses this proven step-by-step system to coach entrepreneurs by creating an energetic map to harness their energy once and for all. Her coaching philosophy is that an individual cannot “do” business, but needs to BE business at a holistic level that integrates thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. She calls this managing your energy. It's important that an entrepreneur do the inner and outer work necessary to activate this skill and belief in them. Only when you have activated this in you, can you fully and confidently present yourself and your business to others. That is what is at the heart of assisting individuals in making any outer changes in their businesses.

Heather's strengths include helping clients to articulate their businesses and life visions, and develop strategic execution plans to achieve these goals. Her primary focus is in helping entrepreneurs identify sources for increasing the productivity and profit of their businesses. She is an insightful accountability partner who helps her clients stay focused and motivated while growing, changing, and enhancing their businesses, successes, and lives.

Visit her online at http://www.energyrichcoach.com

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