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Cause and Effect – Picking the Winning Lottery Ticket - by Tony M Jackson

Many people can become attracted to the lure of winning the big jackpot. Who doesn’t want to win the lottery these days or at any other time in their lives? The phone rang and this frantic, almost overwhelmingly excited voice was on the other line almost out of breath. Believing the call was a prank or an obscene phone caller, the phone most assuredly was seconds from being returned to the hook.


Anxiously awaiting the person to speak, it was a friend informing that he had just won the lottery—excitement and euphoria followed for the next 15 to 20 minutes until we finally settled down. With the odds of winning so low, and personally pondering the question of how his chances of winning could have resulted in selecting the numbers that made him an instant millionaire came to mind. In other words, why was he blessed with such an enormous fortune—how did he do it?


The first thing that comes to mind is that he was simply “lucky.” However, for most individuals luck is something that occurs through the power of intention, a conscious effort on the part of the recipient to achieve a goal or outcome in ones favor. Another way of stating this is that he happened to be in the right place at right time, and through the cosmic alignment of forces beyond our ability to understand, he hit the jackpot. What about predestined to win—is it possible that he could have been selected to win as a matter of his own destiny?


If one believes in a higher force, this would mean that God shows favor to one individual or group as opposed to another—and we all heard that God is not a respecter of persons. Finally, one could conclude that through his own actions, belief, and overall intention, he was the cause and ultimately the effect of winning this “against the odds” lottery with the single winning ticket.


The fact is, after extensive consideration, one could not determine with absolute certainty why or how he could have ending up with the winning ticket. However, looking further into the principle of cause and effect, at a minimum could ascertain how such an event could have occurred in his life—and in anyone of our lives for that matter. The universal law is always impartial. It is based on or continually act on degrees of energy projected towards our highest ideals and receiving a response in relation to our innermost desires.


There is a cause and effect of everything that happens to us, whether negative or positive and the many circumstances in between these two extremes. Let’s expand upon why cause and effect could have played an important role in selecting the right combination of numbers that led to his big win.


Preceding his good fortune, he experienced many hardships, disappointing circumstances, and well, one could say that he simply hit rock-bottom. He lost his job of eighteen years, recently went through a bitter devoice where his wife ended up with the kids, accumulated thousands of dollars in debt, lost him home to foreclosure, and was in a life-threatening car accident where he was literally minutes from death.


Through it all, he maintained a healthy positive attitude to my amazement, and believed that as long as he was alive, he would dedicate his time to helping others. He mentioned that he desired to be rich someday, and if given another chance, he would be responsible and accountable in all the things he set out to accomplish. He informed me that he had never played the lottery before and simply played that time because he really desired to get out of debt and have some hope of getting his life back in order. Now, could this attitude and humble disposition been a precursor to winning the lottery—God only knows. There is three prevailing occurrences present that could have led to the winning numbers:


1)                   Based on the above, the “cause” was in full effect, which includes a burning desire to receive a blessing.

2)                   Any cause requires an “action.” He acted on his intuitive inner voice that caused him the buy the ticket.

3)                   He “believed” that he had the winning ticket—the effect of playing the lottery in the first place.


However, if he had not had the three elements of “cause, resulting in an action, and ultimately resulting in the effect of believing, i.e. winning,” there was no way he could have won. In fact, this involves anything in life we seek to accomplish or attain. Obviously, gambling is a serious disease and playing of any games in hopes of monetary reward should be considered wisely before active participation—there is a risk involved of getting hooked and losing control—caution is advised. My friend is a special case in this instance, and this article is not meant to encourage or discourage playing of lotteries or gambling—this should always be a personal choice.


Is winning the lottery mire luck, or is there something else happening or has happened in the lives of winners that cause an effect to occur that so many players only dream would happen in their lives—to win? That’s one for debate, and clearly one in which this author cannot answer with certainty. The principle of cause and effect is only one possibility; the others are left in the hands of higher powers. Then again, some things in life have no reason and considered as “fate” or simply unknowable—you decide for yourself. In the mean time, use the power of intention to direct positive causes in your favor and attract the desires of your heart—who knows, maybe they just might show up to your “surprise.”

Tony Jackson is an expert on “loss prevention” strategies and tactical safety improvements for businesses and consumers through innovative product developments. He is located in Atlanta, Georgia USA. To learn more, and to receive Tony’s free “self-improvement newsletter,” please visit http://www.globalnologies.com You may also contact Tony directly at tonyj@globalnologies.com.

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