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Catch More Big Carp And Catfish By Leveraging These Hook Bait Secrets! - by Tim F. Richardson

Many methods can be used to enhance your hook baits effects and productivity. The carp ability to learn is beyond doubt, otherwise they would simply be as easy to catch as they are when virgin fish which have never been fished for. One of the easiest ways to change your bait to get an extra edge over wary fish is to use a liquid bait soak consisting of flavours, oils or amino acids.Easy homemade bait dips can be produced using the spare oil from canned fish or fresh mashed fish juices. Sandwich pastes and pates mixed with warm water are very effective too and shrimp, crab, duck and liver plus many others all work. You can mix easily available flavours in too, like fine rock salt, ketchup, fish source and anchovy source and fruit cordial juices etc. You will find your homemade boilies work better if you steam for a couple of minutes instead of boiling in their stimulating attractors and so on.Paste or dough is great used as a coating around all kinds of other hook baits. With paste you know there is no barrier from boiled protein as with conventional boilies that prevent most of your baits attraction from reaching the fish to stimulate them into feeding! Among the items around the kitchen to use are tinned salmon, tuna, herring, mackerel, anchovies and pilchards which can all be made into paste with added eggs and wheat flour to bind; it’s simple but works!Many anglers under-exploit their readymade baits they use because they have a relatively impervious surface. You can break-up this surface with a baiting needle, or sharp pointed knife or scissors to get more attraction out of your bait. Making your hook baits irregular shapes with irregular surfaces helps by making fish think your bait has been previously chewed on by other fish and so is safer.I bet you never tried coating all your free baits with paste as well as your hook baits. You could try fishing a red fish meal hook bait with a pink liver paste or a meat based bait with a fish based paste; just experiment with colours, flavours and any kind of baits together! Even coating particle baits like smaller pellets or tiger nuts with paste is very worth doing!You might like to try using paste around buoyant baits like pop-ups. Your hook bait and paste covering do not need to be like each other to produce great catches; in fact far from it! The method of coating a pop-up bait with a very different dough is a huge edge and is very well recommended!You can add cork granules and other very light or buoyant ingredients to make it float or hang in the water off the bottom or silt or weed for instance. Imagine the advantage of using a buoyant paste around a bottom bait or semi-buoyant bait and how frequently your fish will have had to deal with this! Using buoyant paste around bottom sinking hook baits can seriously save you blank sessions!It is beyond question that carp and many other fish learn through experience and repetition not least in regards being hooked on any particular bait or rig. Obviously the greatest edge is to make sure your baits represent as little association with any previous encounter as possible; and even instil confident feeding. Fish certainly remember far longer than just seconds or individual fish would always be easy to catch every time, so do yourself a favour and look further into how to make your baits different; and reap the huge rewards! This fishing bait secrets ebooks author has many more fishing and bait edges; just one could impact very significantly on your catches! By Tim Richardson.

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Tim Richardson is a homemade carp and catfish bait maker and proven big fish angler. His unique bait making and enhancing fishing secrets guides are catching big fish for readers in 45 countries so get yours NOW!

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