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Viral Internet Marketing, If your not doing it, your not being successful. - by Jim Swank

Have you ever registered for a free e-mail address or service?  If so, then you have been sending viral messages to friends without even knowing about it. You are a carrier.


  Viral Marketing is a popular marketing approach that encourages the voluntarily spread of messages shared with a handful of people to be passed on to countless networks of each individual who then forwards the same message to their own set of network and so on.  As a result, the information is sent to more places than if you had bought a bunch of leads and stuck them in a autoresponder.  And one of the best things about it is that in most cases, it’s free!


The Internet has generally provided this exciting marketing scheme as it provides a readily available and vast network of potential “carriers” of the information that Viral Marketers wish to spread.   So, technically, it can be said that Viral Marketing is the cyber-enhanced version of the more commonly known “word-of-mouth” marketing.


 Take, for example, the example of free e-mail registration and utilization. An individual has taken the bait of a Viral Marketer for a particular service with almost no effort and, in this particular scenario, no cost at all.  You will notice that all messages sent using these free e-mail accounts are always tailed with the same invitation for free services.  So, if your friends who receive your e-mail message through this free account also decides to take advantage of the free e-mail service and eventually sends messages to their friends using this account, the Viral Marketing cycle has caught on…. with each of you and your friends considered as “carriers” of the Marketing Virus.


The beauty of Viral Marketing is that it is very inexpensive, yet, a powerful form of marketing.  With very minimal investment (if any), in terms of effort, time and money, the power and visibility of any marketing message through Viral Marketing is multiplied within an indefinite period of time among an infinitive number of people.


The intended customers of the marketing effort become, themselves, the marketers of the product, idea or service even without them realizing it.  What other marketing effort can be more ingenious than this?


So, the next time you decide to use the web and surf through the internet, be aware. You may be the next recipient of another Viral Marketing infection.


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  This article was posted by Jim Swank. Jim has been successfully marketing on line for over 10 years. He is also a known ezine writer who writes on topics that help the newbie marketer. For more information on how to market on the internet, go to: http://www.MultiAffiliateIncomes.com

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