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Why do Americans hate each other--Why are we so divided? - by Tony M Jackson

Is there hope for the American nation in 2008 and beyond? Are we turning more "inward" and saying, "I am not my brother's keeper?" Have we as a chosen nation truly "overcome" to reach that pinnacle of triumph in Dr. Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream speech that still echoes throughout the depths of our souls? If he was alive today, what would he think about the progress of our nation, whom he loved, worked tireless for, and gave his life for us and future generations to walk among the truly blessed of this world--taking advantage of every opportunity to succeed "together, not divided."

Finally, is our faith shaken to the core to believe that the American "nation," will rise beyond society's ills, racial injustices, and judgments we have brought upon ourselves, and be one of God's chosen people? Who are you, what is our relationship to God and each other, more importantly, where will our nation be 100 years from now if we do not return to our spiritual roots and promised birthright? We were not collectively brought to one of the greatest nations on earth by mere chance, and without us working together for common goals and aspirations, as well as the grace of God, this greatness could never have been achieved.

There seems to be trouble everywhere. We constantly look for answers to questions that are complex. Yet distractions, blaming others for our circumstances, and not being accountable for our own decisions/choices, make it difficult for us to realize what "we" are facing and who we are. ”Our divergent beliefs seemed to have institutionalized individualism and separation." A house divided, will indeed fall. We are a strong, vivacious, and blessed nation that has lost our way in many respects and must return to our spiritual roots, return to God—but that’s an individual choice.

A chance to start over, a new beginning, and with a world that is in constant change as well as full of challenges, we are all at a crossroad. We are at the mercy of God that is sure to deliver us in times of trouble, but we must return to Him and claim the promises of an undeniable deliverance. There was a time when our faith was evident and all the forces of the world failed to shake our spiritual birthright in the true glory of God's presence in our nation. We were in fact, blessed as a nation of “integrated not separated” people who feared God--we endured many hardships, yet we stood firm.

What happened--did God turn away from us, or have we collectively turned away from Him, most importantly, will we return to God as the Author and Finisher of our salvation as a nation? Are you your brother's keeper? It is time to choose--but choose wisely--our collective success as a true spiritual nation before God and our future generations depends on the decision we make today. Again, who are we, do we have a spiritual birthright, and are we prepared for what lies ahead?

The answers can be found in our personal relationship and eternal walk with God. Answering the call is easy, following through with life-changing dedication to succeed as a nation gives us power to control our destiny as one of God's chosen people. Rise above what divides us today.


While there is no shortage of books, articles, and spiritual information on the subjects of true spirituality, readers searching for Arcane Truths will doubtless welcome the presentation of authentic publications in their unedited and spiritually inspired form.


Many on a true spiritual journey will no doubt experience information from various sources, teaching, and religions to gain a better understanding of their personal relationship with God. This approach has its pros and cons. It even requires a spiritual maturity that allows for information to flow freely as well as extensively gaining knowledge of introspection to ascertain what some people and cultures believe, and which is even more, why they believe it.


On the other hand, is there a single "faith" that exists where all others fail in comparison? There is no doubt that throughout history, the most violent conflicts have occurred over "religion, politics, and opposing views about God.” A recent rise in fundamentalism has spurned random and deadly acts of terrorism throughout the world, striking with increasing intensity. Why is the world experiencing such a change, and what is truly at the core of this unprecedented climate of hatred and mass murder? Collectively, we do have a choice, we do have a destiny, and if we do not get it right as an all-inclusive American nation, we will fail completely for future generations to live in security and safety--it is time to get our house in order.

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Tony Jackson is an expert on “loss prevention” strategies and tactical safety devices. He is located in Atlanta, Georgia USA. To learn more, as well as review how the most effective safety products could provide added measures of security for you and your family, and to receive Tony’s free "newsletter,” please visit www.globalnologies.com. You may also contact Tony directly at tonyj@globalnologies.com.

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