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Yes, You Can Let Your Prospects Know You (Actually, You Should!) - by Heather Dominick

Now also think about this...do YOU want to rush into a relationship with a new client or customer without getting a sense of if she's YOUR ideal client or not? (Think about any not-so-great client or customer relationships you've had in the past...want tons of those? I didn't think so.)

Setting the Stage

Setting the stage is getting on the same page energetically with the person you're connecting with. You start any serving opportunity by allowing in energy of trust. Below is a list of questions/steps for you to sample as part of forming an initial trusting connection with a prospect. As you read through the questions, consider what is important for you to include in your initial prospect meeting, ask your inner guidance: "What parts of this sample feel good to me? What would I like to incorporate into my own Process? What would I want someone to ask me?" Make note of these answers.

Questions to Ask Your Prospect

Start by gathering information about the prospect's current experience:

How did they hear about you?

What/Who brought them to you?

Ask, "What would you like to experience from our time together today?"

Be clear about what they can expect from you in this conversation.

These types of questions put you in a place to truly connect as PEOPLE and this makes all the difference in the world when preparing to move to the next level of a relationship. And yes, you CAN do this in any business. Imagine more people being more invested in your good interest...your mechanic, grocery store clerk, doctor, lawyer, accountant...feels good, right? Only good can come (for you and the people you serve) from taking the time to create this connection.

Next, be willing to share parts of you and your experience that relate to and connect with what you've heard. Tell a brief story, share a little tid-bit of a similar experience; be honest and be human. Be willing to share what it is about you and your business that connects to their situation. Let them know they aren't alone in this.

When I used to work as a high school teacher, over and over I saw the same pattern in teachers who struggled with discipline and getting high-achieving results from their students: They did not treat their students as people; they blamed the lack of success on the students; they didn't really trust (or believe) that their students could succeed.

Not quite an invitation to thrive, huh?

Now, please know I am not saying to give away oodles and oodles of your time or information for free. I am simply inviting you to embrace joyfully giving your time and energy in a thoughtful and systematic way when you connect with future clients, rather than starting a connection off by "making sure you aren't giving too much or being taken advantage of." Only abundance can come from really taking the time and energy to truly connect with those you're meant to serve (and to really make sure you're a match!) The type of energy you start a relationship with makes a HUGE difference in effecting the results you're looking for.

EnergyRICH® Call To Action:

1)    Make up your own list of "setting the stage" questions.

2)    Get very clear about what YOU want when connecting with someone for the first time (Just think about how you would like to be treated as you prepare to invest in something.) What do you want/need to make the experience an easy, joyful one?

3)    Set up a practice conversation with a "prospective client" using the questions and practice sharing of yourself, too.

Having trouble with actually connecting with a prospect in the first place?No worries. It's what I hear about all the time (and struggled with myself, too). Until I got it! It's the magic approach of partnering the inner and outer workings to business (especially the prospects process) that makes all the difference in the world. I share every step in the EnergyRICH® Business Boot Camp. We'll have you set up to connect with your ideal client - both energy-wise and marketing-wise. You've never seen anything like this before. I give you every piece of the Proven Prospects to Profits Process™ AND the steps you need to make it authentically, naturally your own. Signing on prospects will be like brushing your teeth. Why struggle when you c an be given a process that already works?

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