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GLOBAL WARMING AND ‘STAR WARS’ – You Can Make A Personal Difference To These Threats! - by Tim F. Richardson

Do floodings, or draughts, or storms, or dramatic seasonal abnormalities affecting you, or your pocket directly or indirectly? Think about it! Now I’m no ‘tree hugger,’ far from it in fact; I don’t subscribe to so many of these ‘new age’ ideas either. But one fact is very clear – The lifestyles of the modern consumeristic world cannot be sustained without having a very obvious and very real present threat to our safe, healthy survival as a species. Not what you want to hear - but truth hurts. We can effect change though because we are major creators of these threats! Most of the Western world is going about with a big guilt complex and their heads in the sand. Not that India or China care; they want what we’ve had for decades damn the consequences. The fact is avoiding what is happening today will cost us massively financially in the coming years as a direct result. Not even the mega-rich will be able to avoid the inevitable changes to our world.Anyone with commercial interests in fossil fuels cannot possibly have a sane and balanced untainted view of the future of the world. The president Bush’s of this world are just one manifestation of this present world; a lack of development in our human natures. Greed, fear, envy and ignorance still rule the roost. Misuse of power is the greatest threat as a result. Making a stand for nature is something most people would love to do but do not know how. We get a big guilt complex over it but do nothing. Doing nothing is the costliest thing because we are trained ‘consumers.’ Downing another beer or watching TV is often just avoiding the ‘bigger picture’ and we all know something is very wrong with modern societies and their lifestyles across the world. Not one of us is separate from the rest of this planet or it’s life. We all breathe the same air and drink the same water. These vital necessities for life have been in circulation for millions of years, until very recently unpolluted and unchanged by our activities. Man’s detrimental effects on this world has happened in just a ‘blink of an eye’ compared to the time it has taken for the world to form a natural balance of temperatures, weathers, providing conditions and resources suitable for us to thrive successfully in into which we have evolved and have shaped our very being as humans. Even what our ancestors ate has evolved our dentition and ability to digest and utilise the food we now eat. Everyone knows how our depleted soils are creating dietary deficiencies causing serious diseases even in the most developed of nations – in fact most especially in these countries where technological progress has overtaken that of nature’s own ability to replenish, re-balance and cleanse itself as a result of man’s activities. Our current ‘consumer societies’ cannot last. The earth is showing us the signs every day. As man’s pollution and population continues to escalate what do you think is going to happen? Living on the moon is not an option! Let’s imagine a world with no top predators but us. What would be the result? Our own human natures could kill this planet and us all in the process because we simply seem to have lost any awareness of how to create a ‘natural balance’ in the way we live. When leaders around the world are actually actively planning to surround this planet with ‘anti-nuclear deterrents’ and genuine Nicola Tesla designed devices more powerful than 10 nuclear bombs aimed back at us, where is the balance or sanity for that matter? It’s time to wake up and count the cost of ‘human progress’ and competitive ego driven nationalistic pride and we’d better start co-operating. Can you honestly see the whole world disarming in order to merely save the human race? We need to learn some ‘balance’ and fast. Whatever we do to the earth, it will do to us. Unfortunately there’s not much we can do to stop the massively over-populated India’s and China’s race towards modern materialism and it’s fall-out. Or is there? Maybe I’m deluded in hoping our essential human natures will be overcome or altered in time. Perhaps I should not even care. If cultural and religious differences mixed with energy wars cannot be solved with peaceful means what do you think will happen to the gross build up of armaments around the world? Have you ever asked how would they be disposed of as their useful lives expire in as little as 60 years from now – just dump it in the sea or underground where inevitably it will leak in time...?) So what if a thousand years from now, the entire earth is a polluted poisonous wasteland where global warming has flooded much of the countries as we know them today, unbelievably powerful extremes of weather abound beyond belief and water cannot be drunk due to being poisoned. How would we survive? How would any life survive? When wildlife has been reduced to that which can survive acid rain, tainted by nuclear poisoning; where forests as we know them have long gone replaced by deserts and raised carbon dioxide levels make breathing the polluted air lethal. But I’m living now. Why should I care? Maybe I’ll just think positively and believe the earth will recover from our onslaught. We appear to be programmed for self-destruction as well as survival. It’s all about a natural balance of power. You see what I mean? How come the guys who make the biggest decisions about this world keep putting short-term money and power first sustaining a spiral of escalation of problems especially of promoting and sustaining lifestyles which the earth cannot sustain without rebounding the negative effects back onto us? I’m not a ‘tree hugger’ type, neither do I believe in violence as all it creates is more violence in retaliation even generations down the line. Being aware is always the precursor to change. Thank God there really is more to this life than our scientists think they know. But what can faith, hope or even ‘positive thinking’ do to help?Just a hundred years ago if you’d told a man he could talk to a man on the moon he would have had you committed to an asylum. A couple of hundred years previous to that he probably would have burnt you at the stake. I hope our spiritual and emotional humanity evolves far faster now than in previous centuries. Even the greatest scientific minds of our age ended-up turning to spiritual terms to describe the ultimate discoveries they could only just begin to perceive, from Einstein, To Neil Bohrs, to Nicola Tesla creator without whom you could not be reading this, they all resigned themselves to a spiritual influence being at play. Personally, what we see right now in our lives today is just a ‘snapshot’ in time. And time is not a constant behaving in very strange ways in deep space to a quantum level.The truth is, we really don’t know much. I don’t believe our brains and intellect and psyche can handle any more than we have evolved to understand at this time. Humans suddenly having great power over nature is a double-edged sword and perhaps we are only just beginning to learn this but the truth is; nature is in control of us...By Tim Richardson.

Tim Richardson is a naturalist, professionally trained horticulturalist and member of the 'British Carp Study Group'. He has experienced in great detail the dramatic unnatural changes shown in natural rythms of nature in recent years as a negative result of human 'progress'. Tim has now written  3 unique books on making and enhancing homemade catfish and carp baits and ground baits for improvement of catches. See: http://www.baitbigfish.com

       Article Source: http://www.ElectricArticles.com