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Article Marketing - by Jim Swank

Article publishing is the latest craze to hit the internet, but it is so much easier than you probably think.  Article publishing is the most effective method for getting a traffic boost to your website.  Article publishing is known as a highly effective and low cost way of advertising and attracting visitors to your sites and My-Resource Article Directory is your one stop portal to connect with targeted visitors, which means more cash in your hand.  Article publishing is huge in the world of search engine optimization and business visibility.




Articles just may be the most powerful link building method you’re not using.  Many entrepreneurs and professionals use their articles as a key component in launching successful careers earning very substantial incomes. Whichever way you look at articles, you cannot lose.




Marketing on the internet can be a costly procedure, especially if you are trying to reach a very targeted audience.  As with any marketing, you have to target your article.  This viral marketing effect will spread your message among your target market.  Article marketing is one of the best free advertising methods there is, the articles on the free content site contains a link to your own website.  Article marketing is an effective way to promote your website and generate quality inbound links, which optimize your website.  Article Marketing if done correctly can drive tons of traffic to your website.




Information is at the core of your business.  In an increasingly information-driven economy, the success of your business is defined more and more by how effectively and efficiently you manage and deliver information.  Search engines are now the first place prospects go to learn about your business.  To increase your online find ability, and ensure a positive virtual first impression, you need to disseminate your business expertise on web sites and online forums where your best prospects congregate.




Free article and press release service provides large and small business with publicity opportunities to showcase their products and services.  Free traffic is great for one obvious reason it saves money.  Free traffic and I do recommend using sources of free traffic in your business.  One way of promoting your website and product can be achieved for free.  As an additional bonus, this “free” method can boost your sites and sales, doubling and even tripling your income.  Everyone knows that article marketing is a free and effective way to promote businesses, services and products.  Offer value in your posts and you will gain a good reputation and get free exposure for your website.




Traffic can be analyzed by qualities such as demographic, geographic, economic, interest or any other criterion permitting selection of those more likely to respond favorably to our propositions.  Traffic selected by such criteria is called TARGETED TRAFFIC.  Online articles can become a major source of new business and web traffic.  Getting tons of free traffic sounds like a dream for many webmasters.  That is why many Internet marketers use free traffic sources whenever and wherever they can.  If you can milk as much of free traffic, then your business will only become more and more profitable.  In fact, article publishing is probably one of the best ways to get free traffic.  However, free traffic comes at a price.  The traffic may not be so targeted.




Publishing articles on web sites and in e-zines has become one of my primary business development tools.  Publishing articles in online publications and resource websites is an excellent strategy for attracting qualified visitors to your site and increasing your link popularity.  Publishing articles on sites like these gives you exposure on the Net and establishes you as an expert in your field.  Publishing articles on the Internet is a tremendous way to increase the number of inbound links to your site.  Article publishing is the latest craze to hit the internet, but it is so much easier than you probably think.  Don't forget who your audience is, and like any SEO, set out the keywords you wish to use in advance, then you can tweak your article to perfection before you publish it.




Quality content means: Originality, timeliness, resourcefulness, inspirational, fun, punchy, snappy, personable, and with your own "Sabra Spunk".


Article publishing is a #1 strategy for promoting your Website.  Article publishing is huge in the world of search engine optimization and business visibility.  Article publishing is becoming a crowded field as many people have now realized that it is the best way to get one-way non-reciprocal links as well as to build up their reputations as experts.  For more information about Article Publishing and other types of marketing, go to http://www.MultiAffiliateIncomes.com 


Jim Swank has been a successful internet marketer for over 10 years. He has not only made lots of money himself but he has also shown many others how to also be success on line. For more information about making money on the internet, go to Jim Swank`s website at: http://www.MultiAffiliateIncomes.com 

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