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The SEO Basics - by Richard McLaughlin

The best SEO practices used to increase your search engine rankings are simple if you have never done it. All too  often when people ask for help they are missing the basics. A site ranked high is assured of more visitors and subsequently more sales. If you have been looking for a way to kick-start your internet business it is imperative to begin working on this immediately.

Domain Name – if you are starting a new site, get an appropriate domain name. TheDirectMarketingSchool.com is not taken (maybe I should get it) neither is thefirstseosite.com for a person looking for that name. Think of a very short phrase and that can be your domain name. It works best if people will actually search for your domain name cheapusedcars.com is free.

Have a title on every page, and make that title a keyword phrase. Even more than the domain name, this is not optional. If you can, include your name or your business name, whichever is more appropriate. Every page should have a keyword title relating to the page should match up perfectly. Avoid common abbreviations; write out something other than FAQ as a page title, “Common Questions About Widgets” is much better than “FAQ” for a page title.

Keyword phrases should be no longer than what people will search. “Used Toyota Minivan Pittsburgh” is about the longest I would use. How many people type out “Used Toyota Minivan from the early 90’s in the Greater Pittsburgh area”? Keywords should be different for each page. There will be some that are common to your site, and some that are page specific.

Content - search engines mostly list sites that contain quality content rather than graphics (you can read the content but not as easily the graphics). Your text should be written with different level headings, important words should be emphasized. The text on your site must contain the most significant keywords in the first and last paragraph of each page.

Your home page will have a link to your site map.

Every page will have at least 250 words unless there is a real reason to not have that many. A page with contact details may be less than 250 words.

There is debate on the value of Meta Tags, but you will use them because some search engines use meta tags in their ranking algorithm and every little bit helps.

Any image will have the appropriate alt tag associated with it.

Search engine rankings are extremely important for a successful online marketing campaign. By review the information above and performing these best SEO practices you should be able to make major strides in bringing more quality prospects to your web pages.

Richard McLaughlin has worked in the computer industry since 1988, former Regional CIO for a software giany, has been SEO copywriting since the early 90s. His International marketing partner is Cindy King who has lived in Europe for over 20 years and is truely mulitlingual.

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