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How to Make a Name Writing Articles - by Richard McLaughlin


There are two things that I have recently taken notice of that are good at getting your name known in the internet world; blogging and article writing – and these can lead to generating an income.


Choose a topic that you think there will be a market for (use a search engine to find out how many searches there are for a certain word) a subject that you will enjoy enough to commit time to and hopefully a subject that you have experience in, or are willing to become an expert in.


Start writing blog entries on your topic of choice, each entry should be at least 200 words long and go on to any length you feel comfortable with. When you have 2 or 3 Blog entries on a related subject you combine them to make an article. Use article submission sites and your articles will be made available to the internet and you will have people copy them, often just to make blog entries on their own site.


When you have 5 articles on a similar subject you are getting towards the first chapter of a book, or you have a mini-ebook. Electronic publishing means that you can post your book for sale on any of the electronic commerce sites on the web.


While writing your original blog entries you can have an affiliate link to each entry, promote a product that you get paid on each sale that you bring in. Every blog entry can also point to your site – where you can sell your book if nothing else. If you have enough self confidence, you can put your ebook on sale before it actually exists and when you receive a payment you reply the same day stating a delivery date (then finish your book).


Personally, I hate the online advertising, but it is out there. People go to sites and click on advertisements. Your job is to make money on those advertisements, so use any advertising that you feel works.



Richard McLaughlin has worked in the computer industry since 1988, former Regional CIO for a software giany, has been SEO copywriting since the early 90s. His International marketing partner is Cindy King who has lived in Europe for over 20 years and is truely mulitlingual.

       Article Source: http://www.ElectricArticles.com