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Hope is a Great Gift—Faith is a Spiritual Treasure or is It? - by Tony M Jackson

A gift is not always treasured, but faith as a treasure is an everlasting fortune that few possess. We are living in one of the most challenging times in human history. Answers to life problems and issues have proven evasive to say the least. For many are searching for hope, only to realize that faith lies within each of us to discover who we are in the wake of societies’ ills. The challenges appear to mount as answers to seemingly complex questions continue to elude us. Referencing the term “appear” in this instance is used because an appearance of hope deferred, is actually a prelude to faith. You may asks, faith in what or who, this leads us to undertake a “quest to affirm” which is greater: hope or spiritual faith in the unseen and unknown.


In each instance of hope, and a more everlasting term “faith,” each could give rise to fear, or as it has become known to those that realize the real meaning behind faith; FEAR is “False Evidence Appearing Real.” Fear then is one of the most destructive emotional characteristics of human nature because it destroys both hope and faith. Yet, when used appropriately, fear is a good exercise in keeping us from events that could lead to personal injuries or even death—in this instance, fear is a life sustaining property that keeps us alive. The use of fear in any other manner of emotional expression, could lead to misery, misfortune, and utter destruction of the soul. Life can be scary with its many unknowns, yet releasing fear begins with an understanding that you do not have to know all the time—in fact, not knowing leads to the spiritual treasure of “faith.”


So, you may ask, how does these three prevailing components of life fit into an eroding society that place a great amount of credence on winning at all costs, greed, over abundance of accumulating material possessions, and the lack of humility that destroys hope and faith through fear of loss--this becomes a relevent question for the times we live in.


Ultimately, comfort and peace of mind is synonymous with hope in a future, sustaining faith when the appearance of a failed society or your immediate circumstances are eminently unfortunate, and releasing fear into the hands of the universal law that controls the outcome of every act committed without restraint to understand the impact of our decisions on others. So, who are you, do you have hope, where is your faith, and finally, will you allow fear to extinguish these two evasive mediums on which our very existence is sustained.


Could one have hope devoid of faith? Hope now takes on a new meaning in which we can conclude that, “expectation and optimism is a “gift” that is internal to each human at birth. It is therefore, a yearning that is predicated on non-evidentiary thoughts with the potential for unlimited outcomes. The reference to hope as a “gift at birth” is an indication of non-spiritual connections between futility and evidence of things “not in existence.” This is why it has been said, that a lack of hope destroys the people—more importantly, a lack of hope destroys the person’s inner being and even a whole society that is at the mercy of actions that underlines selfish intent. Hope then, is a prelude to faith, for a lack thereof--nothing or no one could exist without this eternal presence within each of us.


Faith is a spiritual “internal knowing” that defies conscious thought and goes beyond physical or outward perceptions into a ream of subconscious “affirmations.” This instinctive treasure causes everything to excel the five senses and our surroundings—a six sense that is so evasive that few have ever discovered the spiritual discernment and affirmations that materialize with a simple act of faith could have in this earthly existence and beyond. So where is fear when it comes to exercising faith, where is faith in a society that has loss all humility in pursuit of vast materialism and personal gain, and without faith, how could we bring into existence what is most important—discovering who we are, and the spiritual connection with the original and only “breath of life?”


Unfortunately, hope and faith are often confused and even used interchangeably. This is a grave mistake, for hope will never materialize what we want in life. Faith on the other hand, is the single most important treasure that one could seek, find, and use to the benefit of individual and collective outward expression of future affirmations. Because after all, faith in the unseen goes beyond hope and the prevailing fear that could rob you of your spiritual birthright and discovering who you are. So finally we come to the one question that you would love to have the answer right, “who are you?”


This is an age-old question that humankind have sort after from the beginning of our human existence. Fortunately, this is sometime you must discover with much spiritual supplication and prayer on your own—for it is not anyone’s place to tell you who you are save “One.” Do not despair or be disappointed—for this is one of our most critical individual “quests” in life--a journey that few seek or even understand the importance of affirming our spiritual birthright. However, if you remember what is written in the inspired word, paraphrasing, we are encouraged to undertake three important declarations:


1)  Ask through heart-felt prayer, and it shall be given to you by “faith” in who and what first breathe the breath of life into all things both seen and unseen.

2)  Seek and ye shall find out who you are; this ancient knowledge is sacred beyond measure and worth your continued existence to distinguish truth from mass deception; and

3)  Knock and the door will be open onto you with unlimited possibilities to discover life’s treasures of which there is no “fear” of loss.


Begin to see with your mind (spirit) and not with you eyes. Consider the unseen just as real as the seen—this is your faith that cannot be measured for it defies sensory understanding and break with the physical world that is an inherent illusion. Among the findings, you will discover insight into incredible affirmations of the heart (spirit) and soul (essence of life)—of which, no one could ever claim authority save “One” with faith in the same to deliver us all from societies’ and this physical world’s ills. Faith then is indeed a spiritual treasure beyond measure—worth exercising, internalizing, and ultimately possessing as an affirmation that “Faith” is the lifeline of hope deferred.

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Tony M Jackson is an expert on “loss prevention strategies and tactical safety solutions” to prevent devastating consequences for life and property assets--he is committed to assisting in saving lives in dangerous environments through incident management best practices. He is located in Atlanta, Georgia USA. To learn more about proactive safety solutions, "Being Safe Is No Accident" and/or to receive Tony's free monthly “newsletter," please visit http://www.globalnologies.com . You may also contact Tony directly at tonyj@globalnologies.com .

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