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Treasure Hunting Can Be A Family Event - by Greg Mulac

No mater what your Treasure Hunting passion is from Metal detecting, Dowsing, Mineral collecting, Rock hounding to running a gold dredge, Involving the family has more benefits then any thing else.

If your family has young children, we have 2 girls age 4 and 6 in ours. What they have learned just about geology and nature and lost treasure stories alone is priceless, let alone the extra time we have got to spend with them that would have otherwise been spent alone doing it.

To see the faces of two young girls when they find there first spec of gold or get totally wet from playing with the dredge riffle box and wonder why there’s no gold in the clean up are memories that will stay with you forever.

Getting equipment for them that they can handle easy now, a lot of companies are either making good quality gear for kids or there making smaller tools that are meant to go in a backpack, so getting pans, shovels and gear that fits there hands is an easy task.

If you’re not into having your own equipment there are the sites in most tourist areas that all ready have the set up with water running and the screened boxes that lets the kids try to find minerals or fossils. Just adding this to your vacation will make a big difference for the kids especially the adult one like you. Remember you’re not going to find any thing that is of great value in these places but the memories will last forever.

And if you live or are traveling in the south a visit to the Crater of diamonds state park is well worth your time, I believe it is the only place in the world you can pay a small fee and keep all the diamonds you find.

There is a downside to this from involving the family, the normal pile of rocks and heavy material you usually bring home to work later will grow by the number of people in your family, so get some extra buckets and make some room at home for a lot more special rocks, cause to a 4 year old most rocks are special and they will want to bring them home.

So instead of planning that remote trip to the wilds of Alaska to look for undiscovered gold alone join on of the local chapters of GPAA and take some time with the family and do some prospecting with the kids and meet some great people along the way.

You will find that the people involved in all types of prospecting are the type that love people and love to share there knowledge, the event that are put on are geared around the family. So try something a bit different on your next local trip or vacation and bring home some gold and some new memories.


Greg Mulac traveled the globe 25 years pursuing his Gold Prospecting and Treasure Hunting passions. Today, retired from an IT Career, he thrives in SEO and Internet Marketing ventures.

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