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What is Network Marketing? - by Michael Puskas

When people think of network marketing there are many reactions.  Some think of specific companies like Amway, some think of “pyramid schemes” and others think it just doesn’t work.  There are many more reactions and reasons for them as well.


Network marketing is, in my opinion, the best way to make your dreams come true.  It is simply referring people to products and services and getting paid for doing so!  Do you know that literally everyone has been network marketing nearly all their life?  Every time you recommend something to someone, you are, in reality, network marketing!  My question is, why not get paid for it?  Why not find a product that you love and recommend it to everyone you know while getting paid for it in the process?


The network marketing concept has been a successful means of moving products and services even before formal advertising existed.  God Himself used this “method” of spreading the good news.  Jesus trained 12 disciples to convey to mankind the good news of salvation and through those 12 men the gospel has successfully reached the four corners of the earth!  This was all done by word of mouth!  My question is; if this concept was good enough for Jesus Christ, isn’t it good enough for you?  If this concept works for all the major companies on this planet; don’t you think that it will work for you? 


One thing I want to make very clear, network marketing is not easy!  You have to work at it.  You will need to:

  • Tell people what you do
  • Make phone calls
  • Participate in conference calls
  • Keep updated with regards to what is going on in your network marketing company
  • Use the products that you promote
  • Mentor your team
  • Advertise
  • Be willing to put in at least 2 hours per day to do all the above mentioned things


Network marketing is a business and the successful people treat it as a business and not as a hobby.  If you treat network marketing as a hobby, you will not be successful.  If you treated your job as a hobby; you would be fired, wouldn’t you?  Remember, if you get in network marketing and want to make your dreams come true, treat it as a business!


Network marketing is not a scam; however it is receiving bad press by all the online scam artists.  Here are some of the things you will see online:

  • No selling
  • No phone calls
  • No lists
  • No contacting family or friends
  • No conference calls
  • No three-way calls
  • Automatic
  • Make money without effort
  • Money just flows into your bank account
  • Not MLM


These are just a few of the things you will see.  Things that give people the impression that this is easy and you don’t have to do anything to make money.  This is NOT network marketing, this is what I call hype!  This is false advertising that gives people false hopes and crushes dreams.  These promotions take your money, offer no real mentoring and leave you on your own to figure it all out.  This is sad and it makes me sick!  There are only a few people that can do these types of so-called businesses and chances are very high that these “opportunities” are not going to work for you.  Many of these are not even legal, as such; they will not be around for long.


I would suggest that if you are in a network marketing business and not successful, take a look at the company with which you are involved.  Do you have good mentors?  Is the compensation plan geared toward the affiliates or more toward the “top dogs” in the company?   Are the policies and procedures slanted toward the company or does it protect the affiliates as well?  These are questions that you must ask yourself and then take steps to correct the problems that are causing you the lack of success that you desire.  It may include jumping ship and finding a company that offers what you will need to succeed.


If you are looking for a network marketing opportunity, be sure to do your due diligence.  Don’t fall for the hype.  Don’t be pressured to join anything until you are sure of the following:

  • Will you have a mentor who will help you to succeed and be there when you need them?
  • Is there a system in place to insure success?  People are not duplicatable, but systems are!
  • Is the compensation plan friendly toward the affiliates?  Do not join anything until you have read and understand the policies and procedures!
  • Are there awesome products involved?  Will people still use the products even if they decide not to do it as a business portion?  Are the products too expensive? Is there more than one awesome product involved?
  • How long has the company you are reviewing been in business?  If it is a “prelaunch” do yourself a favor and run!  Don’t join anything that in not proven!  The best time to join a company is after all the “prelaunch” bugs have been worked out and it has proven systems in place.
  • Make sure that the leaders in the company have been in network marking themselves and not just investors or MBA’s that can’t even spell MLM!


What is network marketing?  It is the best way to achieve financial freedom and have control of your life.  Anyone with a strong enough reason can be extremely successful at network marketing; however, do not be deceived into thinking that it is easy.  It is not easy, but it is worth it. 


Network marketing is the only vehicle that I know that doesn’t take an arm and a leg to participate in and can give you the financial and time freedom that you seek.  So re-evaluate what you have been doing, and if it’s not working you need to make some changes.  If you need mentoring, I will be happy to do it at no cost to you.  I enjoy seeing people succeed and I know that with some hard work and determination, in a relatively short time, you can be a success story because you were born to succeed.  You just need to be shown how!


Michael Puskas is committed to helping people understand that they have the God-given power to live a happy meaningful life.  To live such a life, one must develop what God has freely given to them.  We all have a mind, will, emotion, and a spirit.  If we learn how to use them, we will come to know the secrets of abundant life.  If you would like free mentoring information, please go to: http://mlmsuccesscoaching.com or http://WealthMastersNetwork.com


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