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Is Crave the Best Energy Drink? - by Michael Puskas

Energy drinks are a growing multi-billion dollar industry.  There are approximately 70 million such drinks sold everyday!  Why are they so popular?  The reason is that most of them DO give you a lift or buzz for a short period of time.  However, most energy drinks are loaded with sugar and caffeine.  Most of us know what happens after ingesting sugar and caffeine; you crash and get headaches or the jitters.  So what do most do?  They go back a drink more only to experience the same thing…thus an unending cycle of buzz and crash.


There is a solution and it’s called Crave Energy Drink by Vitamark International.  Crave has about ½ gram of sugar, FOS, and the caffeine equivalence of a ½ cup of coffee; giving Crave a low-glycemic index making it suitable for diabetics.  Crave has 100% RDA of vitamins B6, B12, C, Niacin and Pantothenic Acid. Crave also has Vitamark’s exclusive Enzact 77k enzyme delivery system that helps deliver and sustain energy for 4-6 hours with NO SIDE EFFECTS!


Crave will be extremely transportable.  No cans!  Crave comes in a packet that you just pour into a bottle of water, shake and drink.  Crave will cost approximately ½ its canned competitors and will test better too.  Many of the canned drinks need an “acquired” taste. Crave taste testers have reported that it has an awesome lemon-lime flavor that you will crave.  Thus there is no need to acquire a taste for this energy drink!


Is Crave the best energy drink out there?  The world will soon find out once Vitamark releases this product to the world, through its affiliates’ sometime in November of this year.  Until then, we will all just have to wait in expectation.

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