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MLM Success Secret-It's Always Harder in the Beginning - by Michael Puskas

I just received an email from a team member that was inspiring.  It said that network marketing is like an aircraft taking off; it expends more energy during take off and its climb to reach cruising altitude than at any other time of the flight.  This is true in MLM as well.  To get YOUR business off the ground will take a lot of your time and energy in the beginning.  But once you reach cruising altitude in your business, it gets much easier.  From my experience this takes about two years or less.

 The question is; do you have what it takes to get to where you want to go?  Most people just putz around hoping that they will get "lucky!"  Forget about luck!  The successful make their own "luck" by taking consistent action every single day.  If you want to have success, get off the ground first! If you don't know how, contact me!  I will help you build your business and provide the inspiration that you need to make your dreams come true.  I don't care what business you are in, I will give you a helping hand anytime. 

When you start out in network marketing you are like a jet loaded with tons of cargo.  That "cargo" wants to bog you down and keep you from taking off.  The amount of "baggage" that you have will determine the amount of fuel and thrust that will be needed to take off!  If you are like most folks, you have plenty of "baggage."  This “baggage” shows up as doubt, fear, and procrastination.  Where does the fuel and thrust come from?  It comes from a burning desire.  It comes for your "why."  If your reason for being in network marketing is not strong enough to overcome procrastination, doubt and fear, you will crash and burn somewhere between take off and the cruising altitude.  Most don’t even make it off the runway!  You will also need a like-minded team to keep you fueled up and motivated to reach your goals.  There is simply no other way.  Your MLM plane never lands, you need in-flight fueling that comes from a team that helps feed your PMA (positive mental attitude) and cheers you on toward your goal(s).

 That's why I HATE the hype out there.  The hypster's play into your desire to have something for nothing; they play into your fear of selling, meetings, time consumption, and need of contacting people.   It’s in our nature to want to have things without effort.  However just forget that junk!  You have to work!  You have to expend time and make contact with other people!  You have to be involved with a team that will urge you on when things get tough!  You have to have awesome consumable products that people will continue to want!   Do not get involved with anyone or anything that promises the way of ease because you will end up being very disappointed! 

If you want to make it BIG, you CAN!  It is up to YOU!  However, if you don't know where to begin, let me know.  Like I said, I am here to help and will plug you into resources that will help you grow YOUR business.  And no, you don’t have to join mine!

The MLM success secret of knowing that it is always harder in the beginning will help you understand that struggling is normal, but it will get easier and more rewarding as you work at getting your business off the ground.  Just fuel up, get on the runway and give it all the thrust that you have.  Get your MLM off the ground and keep applying the power until you reach your cruising altitude.  When you do, you will look back and say, “WOW, is sure was worth it!”

Michael Puskas is committed to helping people understand that they have the God-given power to live a happy meaningful life.  To live such a life, one must develop what God has freely given to them.  We all have a mind, will, emotion, and a spirit.  If we learn how to use them, we will come to know the secrets of abundant life.  If you would like free mentoring information, please go to: http://mlmsuccesscoaching.com or http://WealthMastersNetwork.com


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