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MLM Success Secret - The Power to Become - by Michael Puskas

I have great new for my fellow MLMer’s!  We are not only human beings, but human becomings!


Humans were made in the image and likeness of God and God is the CREATOR.  Because of this awesome fact humans have the ability to create too.  We can create our future and fashion it into anything that we can imagine.  That is why I say that human beings are human becomings.  This fact should give us massive hope for ourselves and for those we mentor in our MLM businesses.  Napoleon Hill said, “What the mind can conceive and believe; it can achieve.”  This is the creative power given to every human being by God.


Because we are human becomings, we can change the way we are right now.  Years ago, I had a belief that I could never make over $35,000 annually.  Because of my lack of a college education I thought that I was doomed to failure.  Then one day I received an offer for a tape series from Nightingale Conant.  I ordered the tape series and listened to them again and again.  From the first time I heard Earl Nightingale speak I knew that things could change for me and that I had the power to create a new future for myself; a future that I wanted and could fashion out of what my mind conceived and believed.


From that time on, a series of events transpired in my life that led me to the realization of a six figure income.  This poor high school graduate was making more than any of his college friends!  How did that happen?  I used my CREATIVE abilities to shape a future that I held in my imagination; an imagination that was made alive by a $40 investment!


Are you failing in your MLM?  How do you see yourself?  Do you realize that you can create a future much different than your present and that most of the necessary change is in YOUR control!  God gave you the power to live an awesome life and have abundant success.  His desire is that we take what He gave us and use it!


One of the greatest MLM success secrets is that you have the power to BECOME and that those we sponsor have this same power.  All you need is some encouragement and knowledge as to how to do this.  You need to plug into a group of success minded people that have this realization and will help you experience the creative powers given to you by God.  You don’t have to fail.  You can have all the success and happiness that you want.  Invest in yourself.  Invest in good CD programs.  Find a mentoring group that has success in MLM.  So learn this awesome MLM success secret—the power to become!

Michael Puskas is committed to helping people understand that they have the God-given power to live a happy meaningful life.  To live such a life, one must develop what God has freely given to them.  We all have a mind, will, emotion, and a spirit.  If we learn how to use them, we will come to know the secrets of abundant life.  If you would like free mentoring information, please go to: http://mlmsuccesscoaching.com or http://WealthMastersNetwork.com


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