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MLM Success Secret - Learn a Lesson from Albert Einstein - by Michael Puskas

In several of my articles I have been preaching that network marketing is not mainly about products and services, but it is primarily about people.  Well, I recently heard a quote spoken by Albert Einstein and he said, "Man is here for the sake of man only."  Now, I think that we can all agree that Mr. Einstein was a pretty smart guy, can't we?  I believe that the network marketer who grasps this thought will ultimately be rich.

I believe that anyone who reaches out to help another human being will be greatly rewarded in like kind by the Creator.  I have been serving people for years and it is the greatest joy I know.  I am delighted to offer help for the benefit of others, expecting nothing in return from the one I am helping, but knowing that I WILL reap what I sow.

If you want to be an ultimate success, reach out and help someone.  Pay a compliment to someone.  Say, "Thank you!" to someone.  Give to others out of what you have and God will reward you with what He has.  And believe me, He has a lot!  I am not writing in uncertainty.  Rather I am telling you of the most certain truth I know and that is, your rewards will follow your service to fellow human beings.

Serving the people will not give you fast success in the beginning.  However, if you are not weary in well doing, you WILL reap if you do not faint.  Notice the word "if" in the previous sentence.  Once you start reaping, it seems to come in abundance.  Once you build momentum in helping others get what they want, sooner or later, you WILL have everything you want.

If you need money, don't focus on the money; focus on how you can serve people and money will just show up.  If you need help in a certain area, help someone else based upon the talents that you have and the help that you need will arrive.  This is not wishful thinking...it is a law.

If you are not "making it" in your network marketing business maybe you should learn the MLM success secret taught by Albert Einstein…”Man is here for the sake of man only.”  Now I know that Mr. Einstein was not a network marketer, but at least he got the point of network marketing!    The big question is, do you!

Michael Puskas is committed to helping people understand that they have the God-given power to live a happy meaningful life.  To live such a life, one must develop what God has freely given to them.  We all have a mind, will, emotion, and a spirit.  If we learn how to use them, we will come to know the secrets of abundant life.  If you would like free mentoring information, please go to: http://mlmsuccesscoaching.com or http://WealthMastersNetwork.com


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