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MLM Success Secret -- Brand Yourself - by Michael Puskas

If you want to be a big success at network marketing; especially on the internet, you must brand yourself.  The internet is a huge “black hole” that seems to have no end.  It is too easy to get lost in this “black hole” due to the bombardment of opportunities that are being flung at people every single day.  It is very important that you properly brand yourself so you will get noticed in this very busy arena called the World Wide Web.


Why brand yourself?  We need to do this because the internet is too impersonal.  No matter what you may think, people like to buy from people that they know and trust.  I am this way and if you are a normal human being; you are this way as well.  Since people cannot talk to you online, they need to find ways to get to know you; and the best way is through writing articles.  When you write, you are putting YOUR thoughts on paper and these thoughts reveal who you are.  They make a statement about the kind of person you are.  If you are full of hype, that will come out.  If you are genuine and care for the success of others, that will come out as well.  I don’t know about you, but I want others to know me.  If they can get to know me through my writings; they will begin to trust me and eventually want to do business with me.  I can assure you, that if anyone becomes one of my associates; their chances of success will increase dramatically.  Why, because THEIR success if paramount to my success, so I will do all that I can to work with them to fulfill their dreams.  Like I often say, focus on others and you will become a success magnet yourself.


I have been in sales for over 15 years and I can honestly say that I have never sold a thing.  Thought I have not sold anything, people have purchased millions of dollars in products and services from me.  How can this be?  My clients presented a problem to me and I offered a solution for their problem.  They learned, after being with me, that they could trust me and went ahead and made a purchase.  Did I sell them?  Not really, they sold themselves.  This all happened because when I was with my prospects, I never cared about me or what was in it for me.  I cared about my prospect, their needs, and because of this, they bought from me.


You cannot appear face to face with your prospects online, but you can write.  You can let the world know what kind of person you are by your writings.  The more you write, the more popular you will become online.  I have written about 25 articles and submitted them to an article submission sites.  As a result, I am listed number 1 on Google when my name is searched, number 7 and 8 on Yahoo and number 2 on MSN.  Not bad for writing a few articles!  Now when people see my opportunity, they can check me out and see what kind of person I am to determine if I can be trusted.  They are more apt to call me if they can get a feel for who I am first.


From what I understand, only about 10% of network marketers market online.  I believe it is because of the lack of knowledge as to how to let people know about them.  But now you know one simple, yet very effective way to become famous online.  So get busy and start writing; it’s easy to brand yourself online!

Michael Puskas is committed to helping people understand that they have the God-given power to live a happy meaningful life.  To live such a life, one must develop what God has freely given to them.  We all have a mind, will, emotion, and a spirit.  If we learn how to use them, we will come to know the secrets of abundant life.  If you would like free mentoring information, please go to: http://mlmsuccesscoaching.com or http://WealthMastersNetwork.com


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