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E mail Marketing , Is it a thing of the past ? - by Jim Swank

Email Advertising is about relationship building, and it is a long-term relationship. It is a meaningful and highly responsive way to reach internet users.  Email advertising is literally a fraction of the cost of any traditional marketing vehicle.  Email advertising is 5 times more cost-effective than direct mail and 20 times more cost-effective than Banner advertising.




Advertising by e-mails can give you more exposure to your market and strengthen communications between your investors.  Advertising in a strict e-mail publication is very beneficial to you, as an advertiser.  Advertising that costs less up front but ultimately fails is very costly, and an approach that costs more initially but succeeds could be your most cost-effective option.




List building is the future money-maker for any internet marketer.  Lists that contain the addresses of interested recipients may be more expensive, but they are more effective.  Opt-in , the action of agreeing to receive e-mails from a particular company, group of companies or associated companies, by subscribing to an e-mail list.  Opt-out , a mailing list which transmits e-mails to people who have not subscribed and lets them "opt-out" from the list.




Messages and articles should be brief and to the point.  It lets the advertiser "push" the message to its audience, as opposed to a website that waits for customers to come in.  Messages should be concise and relevant to the group.




Traffic Exchanges are in the top 10: Exchanging traffic has become the fad for getting 100% FREE Traffic to your site for little or NO COST.  Cost of sending mass e-mail is extremely low, and the response will correspond to the marketing efforts.  Cost per conversion describes the cost of acquiring a customer, typically calculated by dividing the total cost of an ad campaign by the number of conversions.




Direct email marketing has become an integral part of the marketing mix.  Direct email advertising is extremely effective with response rates around 1% .  The best e-mail ads unite unconventional concepts with textbook direct marketing techniques.







E-mail marketing terms ,Auto-responders , Automatic replies sent by the e-mail software of the recipient after receipt of an e-mail.  A new subscriber first gives his/her address to the list software (for instance, on a Web page) and then confirms subscription after receiving an e-mail asking if it was really him/her.  Other e-mail advertising principles and guidelines that we adhere to for ensuring effectiveness: Making use of reliable and well proven software for e-newsletter campaigns.  There is software available to filter items you might find objectionable.  There are many organizations which offer customized email marketing software to help you realize greater results for your email marketing campaigns.




Website promotion with a thorough email advertising campaign will drive massive traffic to your businesses.  Often when you register for a website, you’ll be asked if you want to wish to opt in or out of marketing offers from related sites.  Many of the top search engines rank websites according to how many links there are that point to that site.




Newsletter advertising lets you connect with new potential customers and increases your sites exposure to a whole new group of internet users.  In this type of advertising, a company that wants to send a newsletter to their customers may ask them at the point of purchase if they would like to receive this newsletter.  Newsletters can be booked on many websites of the ad pepper media network.


Email advertising is now here to stay.  Email advertising is cheap, fast and very efficient.  Email advertising is most effective if it is sent only to solicited email addresses.


 This article was written by Jim Swank.

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