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Are Our Limits Self-Imposed? - by Jena




This life is the only shot we will get as living breathing specimen on planet earth. This is it! This is our time, today, right now! Life on earth does not promise longevity. Our day of expiration is unknown to man. Time is passing and the clock is ticking. Therefore, we must treat everyday of our life on this earth as though it were our last.


Life is a precious gift. God created man by His Grace and freely gave this precious gift of life. This gift qualifies us to take chances, make choices, cope with circumstances, enjoy happiness, and embrace joys of living. God created and equipped man to experience many things. How much of God’s Grace are you experiencing? How much of God’s Grace are you capable of experiencing?


Every single day of life on earth is sacred. We must not live it frivolously. God did not make special allowances for circumstances. However, God did promise to guide us through our circumstances. He did promise to never leave or forsake us. God keeps His promises! God never changes! He is the same yesterday, today and forever! Because we are gifted with this knowledge, we must make our life count. We can dare to be happy and count it all joy.


Joy is an attitude but happiness is a circumstance and circumstances change. Joy defies circumstances because joy is that deep abiding faith that God is in control of everything. Joy is powerful; it can hold love and peace together. Do not look for joy at the end of a rainbow. There is no end of the rainbow. Joy cannot be bottled it has to be released. 

Do not deprive yourselves of joy. You can choose joy in face of adversity and acquire new freedom because compulsory limitations are not a deterrent to receiving new freedom; rather it is how you perceive compulsory limitations. In other words, you are not deprived by compulsory limits; rather, by how you discern those compulsory limits. When one realizes that one is not limited by situations one will comprehend that attitude toward situations create circumstances. Joy and happiness should never depend on your circumstances, you should experience joy and happiness in spite of your circumstances.


So what are you waiting for? Dare to live life as a symphony. This God given privilege of life on earth is our symphony. Make the right choices. Choose to listen. Choose to live your life not counting your days, but making your days count.

Do not get bogged down by negativity. Start today, right now; if you are a prisoner of self imposed limits; dare to change! Dare to live each day on planet earth filled with joy, happiness, anticipation, courage and a new freedom. This life is our symphony, our time to shine. How much of God’s Grace are you experiencing? How much of God’s Grace are you capable of experiencing?

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