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12 Steps on the Path to College Coaching - by CoachRB

In the last 25 years, I have aided over 80 coaches to reach their goal of coaching in college. Over the years I have developed a system that will give any coach a chance to reach this coaching pinnacle. My expertise is teaching this path to eager young coaches. Will you be next?

If you want to pursue a college coaching career, you must know that the second step is the toughest. All Step #1 entails is deciding that you want to coach in college. Step #2 moves you from wanting to doing. Doing the work it takes to make this monumental journey is the toughest part of all. If you are one of those coaches who has moved into the "doing" stage, I want to acknowledge you for making the decision to move to further your coaching career.

There is no magic pill to take for turning your desire into an actual coaching position. There are, however, specific steps you need to take to just have a chance to get one of these jobs.

Overall Actions to Take:

1. Clearly define your goals

2. Establish time tables for each goal

3. Write out an action plan to accomplish each goal.

4. Will you move first then find a job or visa versa?

5. Determine logistics of moving, relocating, finances, personal considerations, family.

Specific Actions to Take:

1. What kind of position do you seek?

2. At what level of college coaching do you want to eventually end up at?

3. How willing are you to climb the ladder to your desired position?

4. Are you willing to make significant financial sacrifices to reach your goal?

5. What is the status of your coaching network in the US?

6. Determine your strengths and weaknesses and how you would present them to a head coach or Athletic director.

7. What areas would you need to develop in order to be qualified as a college coach in the US? In this email I have given you some ideas to consider. I offer a Teleseminar, "The Path to College Coaching," which is designed especially for coaches that are willing to take on this challenge with the attitude of not failing.

Most that fail do not commit to doing whatever it takes to reach their goal. I hope these 12 ideas will help you on your way to the big time! Please let me know how I can help you on your journey.

Randy Brown has passion for the game of basketball. He works as a basketball consultant and mentor for coaches. Visit him at www.coachrb.com for free resources, Q & A, newsletter, and coaching programs. A speaker and writer, he has authored 75 articles on coaching and is nationally published. His 18 years in college basketball highlights a successful 23-year career. Mentored by Basketball Hall of Fame coach Lute Olson at Arizona. Resume includes positions at Arizona, Iowa State, Marquette, Drake, and Miami of Ohio, 5 Conference Championships and 5 NCAA apprearances. His efforts have helped develop 12 NBA players including Steve Kerr, Sean Elliott, and Jaamal Tinsley. To contact Randy, email him at rb@coachrb.com.

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