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Your Mind Must be Guarded - by Michael Puskas

The more I consider the power of thought, the more amazed I become. God has given us a powerful tool to shape our destiny and this tool is our mind. To me, it is sad that most people do not have a clue as to how to use it. They simply let the stimuli of the environment dictate what happens in their lives. In other words, their environment controls what they think. And what they think is manifested by how they live.

Look around you. Who you are and what you have is the result to how you have been thinking. If you want to change the outcome of your life, simply change the income your mind! God, in his infinite wisdom, gave us a will, whereby we can harness and control what comes and goes from our mind. How do you control your mind? This is accomplished by the exercise the will. I believe that this is the main function of the will. When your mind begins to think negative thoughts simply change those thoughts to something positive by using your will. It is that simple. Are you depressed? Use your will to focus your mind away from what is depressing you. Take your focus off of what you do not want and put it on what you DO want. Don’t use lame excuses for letting your mind go wild. A mind that is not controlled is wasted and will only produce a life that is aimless and void of direction and purpose. But a mind focused on what you want, through the use of the will, will produce a life full of purpose and meaning. Think about it; you can have any life you chose if you would just focus your mind on the things you want and get it off of the things that you don’t want.

Another important part of our makeup is the emotion. Our emotion is like an alarm system. Let me explain. If you are thinking negative thoughts and heading down a road that is not where you want to go, you will feel bad. You will feel depressed. You will feel hopeless. But if your thinking is positive, you will feel great! You will feel free! You will feel hopeful! The emotions (feelings) will let you know if you are on track according your goals or allowing junky thoughts to come into your mind to take you off course. Therefore, do not take your feelings for granted. They are indicators to how you are thinking. Your feelings will let you know if there is a need to change your mind to get the desired results from your life. A good question to often ask yourself is, "How do I feel?"

Your mind is so important that we have been given a will to control it and feelings to help determine whether our thoughts are positive or negative. Whatever state our mind is in will determine the outcome of our minutes, days, weeks, months, and years. So take heed and guard your mind with all diligence!

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