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Don't quit too soon. - by TimC

You would be amazed at how many people quit just before they are about to achieve the success they have been working toward so diligently and for so long.  They just get tired of waiting, trying or dreaming and give up.  Why is this?


I have been on my knees more times than I can remember.  I can recall numerous times in my life and career when trying for just one more day seemed like an impossible task.  Everywhere I turned and everything I tried I just hit brick wall after brick wall. If you have never been there, I’ll bet you either are just really lucky and blessed or it’s coming, believe me.  No one escapes life without their share of adversity, problems and failure unless of course they have decided to sit under a tree in Vermont and spend their days and their life meditating and contemplating.  Wanting to quit is normal.  I’ve been there and most likely you have been there but there is a difference between wanting to quit and actually quitting.


I believe there are six reasons why people quit.


1. They really didn’t want what they were going after in the first place.

2. They thought it would be easier and without effort and sacrifice.

3. They thought it would come sooner and often rather than later and seldom.

4. They lost belief in themselves or their mission or cause.

5. They let someone else discourage them or talk them out of wanting it or going

     after it after the failures, problems and frustration.

6. They failed to realize that anything worthwhile takes time, faith,  patience, and

     yes, consistent focused action.


Is there an area in your life today where you are wavering?  Thinking about giving up? 


No one can determine another person’s limits of endurance or courage.  No one can judge what another person is willing or not willing to do.  Never let anyone talk you out of your dream, no matter how well meaning they might appear.


Go for it.  Keep at it. Just do it and enjoy the process.  Don’t expect there will be a crowd cheering you on.  Much of success is enjoyed in quiet solitude one moment at a time. And the pleasure of a thing done is in the doing

       Article Source: http://www.ElectricArticles.com