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Are you selling at the right level? - by TimC

One of the common mistakes salespeople make is they fail to recognize at what level they should be selling their products or services.  There are 5 possible sales levels where you can direct your energy, time and talent in the sales process. They are selling at:


The product/service level.  This is where the salesperson focuses primarily on the price or features of the product or service and define their product as a commodity.  The typical reaction in this phase is to lower price due to a prospect’s price resistance or competitive pressure.


The transaction level.  This is where the salesperson sees the sales process in traditional terms – prospecting, the presentation, overcoming objections, closing the sale. In most cases this approach still tends to focus on the process rather than the customer.


The solution level.  This is where the salesperson brings a solution to the prospect/customer for his/her specific problem/need.  Although this is better than selling at the transaction level it still focuses on the relationship between the customer’s needs and the features/benefits of the product/service.


The relationship level. Now we are getting more long-term customer focused. Selling at this level requires patience, research, knowledge of the customer’s short and long term agendas, time, effort and a willingness to walk away from those sales where there is not a clear win/win/win outcome. 


The stakeholder or shared fate level.  Very few salespeople sell at this level.  This is where, if your customer loses in any way either directly or indirectly related to your product or service, you lose also. 

If you are losing sales ask yourself a simple question,


Am I selling at the right level with this prospect?  If not, where should you be?

       Article Source: http://www.ElectricArticles.com