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If it Works—Throw it Out: Is Succeeding Becoming a Success? - by Tony M Jackson

Success should never be measured by succeeding. You are probably thinking—what is this guy talking about? Let me explain. Succeeding is a paradox to the way we are taught, and does not align with the true meaning of success. It is equally a paradox to what we see, hear, as well as experience in today’s society. Are you confused yet?


Nor is success synonymous with how many toys we have or material possessions. Real success could be characterized as becoming a “real person.” We all have our mountains to climb. It does not matter how high or how wide the mountain, the journey is always individual—you have a choice, success or succeeding.


If the end result of success is to acquire more possessions, this approach to success ideally serves as a trap and the material things end up owning you, what is the point? Your carnal mind is never satisfied. Becoming a real person requires you to take an unbiased look at your life. You must determine what drives you forward, as well as holds you back in life.


This is not an easy task, because it requires you to realize the real reason you have been given an opportunity to live on this earth. Success is an illusion that we all have been taught to strive for, only to realize that what we thought we wanted, is not as fulfilling. There appears to be something missing, but the answer has been just out of your reach because of what you have internalized success to be.


Success could become an addiction—let’s “keep up with the Joneses.” It is the way the mind work—it always wants more, and more of a perceived “good thing.” If you are like most people, the push for up, up, up--has always been apart of your environment. This approach to success should ideally come with a warning label that reads, "Caution, use this advice with care or it will burn you!"


Becoming a real person should be your ultimate drive towards success. Helping others to succeed is more fulfilling and has a lasting influence on family, friends, co-workers, strangers, and our society as a whole. The material things you accumulate, eventually becomes the property of someone else. They are not really yours forever…they are on loan—what is the point?


Your legacy is built around how much you give back, not in what you accumulate in the form of material possessions. You cannot take any of it with you upon death. The ones you serve, teach, nurture, and provide a helping hand to build a life of true prosperity, will reverberate for generations to come.


A simple act of kindness could have a major influence on your life—but it must be genuine. The greatest gift of success is to help someone and they never know you helped them…it becomes real. Doing extremes of “look at me” I helped someone…leads to succeeding failure. Here are three affirmations to get you started:


·          I dedicate my life to succeeding and when I drive towards success, I will step sideways—not up.

·          I will actively seek individuals to help, remain anonymous, and give back in time, money, or deed--not expecting anything in return.

·          I believe in succeeding, not as others view success, and I know my true purpose--becoming real.


Once you become real, your legacy will be established in silence—only you will know. The investment in success will pay you back in ways you never dreamed possible. Which is more; you will have attained real success in the form of becoming a real person.


If your perceived success is working for you, create a balance in your life and help others to succeed to the best of their abilities. Success as you know it will end, and succeeding in life begins. Succeeding is in the “feelings” where as success is primarily in things. Trust me…move sideways—and begin it Now!

 Tony Jackson is an expert on “loss prevention” strategies and tactical safety solutions in the incident management industry, he is located in Atlanta, Georgia USA. To learn more, please visit www.globalnologies.com. You may also contact Tony directly at tonyj@globalnologies.com.

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